55% Off Groceries At Amazon

Amazon is having a grocery clearance sale, 55% off regular price with coupon code CLRNCFTY. [Amazon]


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  1. gmoney says:

    Check the dates on any you buy. I bought some pasta and olive oil a while back on a good deal and they were both out of date.

  2. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    That happens at all grocery stores actually… it’s just that you can’t check for yourself when you buy from Amazon.

    Pasta is good past its “expiration” date. If it starts to get little dry spots on it, or has a smell, or contains ingredients other than durum flour and water, then it’s too old.

  3. gmoney says:

    yep, I used the pasta and returned the oil, one of which had also leaked. But I wasn’t thrilled with it.

  4. BStu says:

    Might be fluky. I got Kettle Chips from them on sale and they were WAY far out from their sell-by date. Like months further than I ever see in stores. I was worried I was buying too much, but they lasted months before they were to go stale.

  5. bigroblee says:

    Hey; just wanted to mention that I just got free super saver shipping based on the PRE discount price, even though my order was $17.74 after the discount. YMMV…

  6. realjen01 says:

    why does everything come in multiple packs?

  7. purplesun says:

    w00t! Koala Crips! That’s actually not a bad price.

    Although, I wish they would just make a gluten-free cereal that wasn’t crazy-sweet or crazy-bland.

    In fact… *scrolls* Dang! There’s a lot of gluten-free food on sale! I’m going to go call my Celiac group and see if anyone wants to split the costs. Thanks, Consumerist!

  8. wezelboy says:


    Amazon has stopped carrying Nutella!


    I guess I’ll have to work on my Naughtella project this weekend…

  9. jeff318 says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this deal! I saved quite a bit on Carnation Instant Breakfast.

  10. RedwoodFlyer says:

    Try not to take too much advantage of the good deals…they may cancel your account if your Kindle:Cheap Stuff ratio is out of whack!

  11. Robobot says:

    After all the talk about oatmeal on Consumerist lately, I have to announce my adoration for the McCann’s Irish oatmeal they have on sale. It is amazing. It’s an example of one of those higher-end products that is worth the extra money. (And yes, it is my cat’s favorite oatmeal too)

    On the other hand, if they’re selling expired products oatmeal probably isn’t the best item to purchase. Mmmmm, wormy!

  12. TexasScout says:

    Couldn’t find a single thing I wanted/needed in that bunch.

  13. gmoney says:

    I bought two 12 oz whole bean Millstone bags for $6 and change, basically what you’d expect as a decent price for one at the grocery store. Used other amazon purhases I needed to get the free shipping. Like the other poster, I still got the free shipping even thought the coffee discount knocked my total down to about $17. We’ll see if the coffee is remotely fresh.

    They did seem to be out of stock on the overwhelming majority of items.