The Fastest Way To Get A Human At Wamu

The quickest way to reach a human customer service rep at WamU: press 1, 6, and 2 on the successive menus. [TeresaCentric]


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  1. I sure needed that yesterday! They screwed up all my accounts and when I did, finally, get a human, she could not have cared less about the problem. ARGH.

  2. timmus says:

    Thank you for calling Washington Mutual. Para Espanol, marque dos, medio centenar de elementos de élite de la Policía Federal irrumpían en una casa de seguridad para rescatar a dos secuestrados: una madre de 49 años y su hijo, de 30, le gustaría algún pizza esta noche?

    Your call is very important to us. Please listen carefully as some of our menu options have changed. Please continue holding. Thank you for your patience.

    I did not understand that. Please say a valid number.

    Please press a valid number.

    I did not understand that. Please say a valid number.

    Please press a valid number.

    I did not understand that. Just kidding. This was part of a survey designed to assist us with finding the menu option experience that is right for you. Please stay on the line. Due to unusually heavy call volume, you may experience delays in connecting with a customer service associate. Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line and your call will be answered by the next available associate. Your call will be answered in the order it was received. Welcome to the Washington Mutual help system. Please say what you would like help with, and our automated assistant will work with you to improve your Washington Mutual experience.

    “Close my account!”
    Hello, this is La Shonda in executive customer service, how may I assist you?

  3. TeraGram says:

    If you go through this “hack” you’ll end up with a person in the Phillipines.

    So, once you get that live person on the phone, you get to ask, “May I please speak to someone who is physically in the United States”? And you get to wait some more.

    So much fun!

    AND THEN!! When you finally get done repeating your account number, name and address for the 3rd time and spew out what problem it is you want rectified (in my case: standard ATM cards instead of those with an embedded RFID chip) you get to answer all sorts of questions about your recent billing activity. “Where did you write a check for $62.57?” and “Your last electronic payment was $102.43. Who initiated it?”

    AND THEN!!!!

    When you tell them you’d also like your spouse’s card replaced with a non-RFID chip, you get told “You’re not authorized to make that request” EVEN IF you are the primary account holder.



    I hate banks.

  4. PrestonSatyr says:

    Even better, and I used this yesterday, is to call the “collect number” for
    international travelers they have on the back of the card. No extra number
    punching because they want to get you taken care of as quickly as possible
    in case it’s an international call on their dime.

  5. Amy Alkon says:

    The fastest way to get a human at a bank like WaMu is to bank at a small community bank where they get and retain their customers by actually acting like they care about them.

    I don’t want to announce where I bank in a public forum, but after Bank of America gave thousands of dollars of my money to thieves with only a fake driver’s license in my name…on seven separate occasions…I moved to a small community bank that had helped me get an account for a homeless artist I know (when Bank of America refused, despite the fact that I’d ordered his specially state-certified birth cert. from Illinois and he had a social security card and a California non-driver DMV ID.)

    Anyway, when my IRA accounts had to be moved from B of A, my guy at the new bank, knowing how upsetting B of A’s negligence and then horrible treatment in the wake of the identity theft thing had been for me, so he managed it so HE called them and I never had to talk to them about my IRAs once. He suggested he take care of it totally, and then did. He just had me come in and sign the papers okaying the move.

    And when I call my new bank about something, anything, somebody comes on the line pretty fast and helps me with my problem. They call me back, they e-mail me, they know me, and they’re NICE TO ME. Not to be discounted.

    Also, when I mention to people around where I live where I bank, some of them will say they bank there, too, and then go on about how wonderful they are. When’s the last time you heard somebody waxing rhapsodic about B of A or WaMu?

    And yes, I might have to pay a couple bucks if I get money out at a non-bank ATM if I’m in NYC, but you know, at a certain point, having a bank be nice to you and treat you like you matter…it’s just priceless.

  6. krom says:

    Great, you’ve got yourself a human at WaMu. Good luck with that! Here’s hoping they tell you the right thing about your problem. Better be prepared for a different story when you walk into the branch.

  7. ryanwalters says:

    The fastest way to get a English speaking Human for WaMu credit card customer service is dial, 800-249-5143