Amazon Ships "Ready To Ship" Box… Inside Another Box

On one hand, the mere existence of such a thing as a “ready to ship” box at Amazon leads us to believe that there may be hope for them after all. Sadly, the fact that they packed the “ready to ship” box inside another box before they shipped it does leave us with some nagging doubts.

Gerardo says:

About a month back I ordered a 6-pack of “method Foaming Hand Soap, Green Tea & Aloe, Case Pack, Six – 10 Ounce Bottles (60 Ounces),” I ordered this and some hair gel that I have a hard time finding in the the stores. Well sure enough as soon as I bought the soap it went on back order and so it was going to be shipped separately.

I didn’t mind so much since as we all know if you order using amazon’s free shipping you shouldn’t expect it anytime soon. Well, after receiving the soap in the mail, I opened the box to find yet another shipping box inside. A clearly marked “ready to ship” box, which obviously wasn’t ready enough as they had to ship it in a much larger box. I guess Amazon workers are on autopilot mode.

We still think this might be progress. Maybe. Ok, probably not.

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