Vonage Insists You're Still A Customer Two Years After You Canceled Service

Listen Vonage, Garry isn’t your customer anymore. You need to stop sending him bills and let him go. Sure, he liked you back in 2004, but he found a better company at a cheaper price and he’s moved on. Billing his AmEx every single month for two years after he canceled? Not cute. Sending his account to collections when his AmEx finally expired? Seems desperate. Please Vonage, get over Garry and move on with your life.

Garry writes:

First, I want to say that I was a happy Vonage customer for 4 years. The only reason I chose to leave them was I got a better deal. Leaving is the rub. Even after you leave, Vonage keeps on billing, and they resurrect dead service without notice. This company is technically a good operation, but the customer service and billing has earned this fiasco of a company the right to a dirt nap.

In late September 2005 I ordered VOIP service form another carrier and canceled Vonage. Several calls to Vonage sent me through a succession of people, many who had poor command of English, and eventually led me to wait on hold for the person authorized to end my account. The wait was too long, and I finally believed I closed the account on a Saturday after spending more than 2 hours on the phone with them. When I had allegedly discontinued service, I had been using my new carrier for several weeks and had disconnected the Vonage ATA box. They billed my American Express charge for the entire month, and I paid the entire bill. All was well until the next American Express bill arrived and the usual charge from Vonage was again on the bill again. I had now not used the service for 2 months Long waits finally got assurances form a Vonage employee that the service was discontinued, although no one would agree to credit me for the illegitimate charges. I paid the bill and moved on to more productive endeavors rather than fight over $30. The next month, you guessed it. Vonage billed my American Express again. I phoned American Express, and they contested the charges and since Vonge did not bother to prove they were legitimate, the charge was reversed. Every Month following that time, I had a new charge from Vonage that was contested and reversed. I repeated called Vonage and emailed them to no avail. As a rule no one could find my account when I phoned them or I was told it was an error. This continued for more than 2 years until I finally closed the American Express account. Finally all was quiet after 2 years of trying to get read of the Vonage beast.

Today I received two collection notices from an agency writing on Vonages’ behalf. They say I owe more than $250 for Vonage service including charges from last year – more than 2 years after I canceled service.

First, ask your ex-phone company for written confirmation that you canceled your service two years ago. Send your request directly to Vonage’s executive offices. Forward a copy of the confirmation letter to any debt collector that demands money. If, like Vonage, they don’t relent, threaten to report them for mail fraud.

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Unlawfully Billed? Threaten To Report Them For Mail Fraud
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