How Much Would You Spend to Save Your Pet?

Last week the Wall Street Journal asked how far people would go to keep their dog (or really any pet for that matter) alive. As an example of the two ends of the spectrum, they suggested the following, starting with the “not much” line of thinking:

“One Dallas reader took me to task for spending so much on my dog and then daring to write about it in a column called ‘Cheapskate.’ He wrote, ‘Basically, my ‘frugal’ belief (I do not consider myself a cheapskate) is that I paid $110 for our family cocker spaniel from a rescue organization six years ago, and I will pay no more than $110 to keep her alive.’ “

On the other hand, some are willing to pay almost anything:

“A Massachusetts reader put it eloquently as he described his efforts to stretch out the life of his 14-year-old ‘best friend,’ afflicted with pneumonia, an impacted colon and cancer. ‘There are many who think burning 18 grand to keep a dog around for six or 12 extra months is madness,’ he wrote. ‘Sometimes I think so, too. But my wife died from lymphoma two years ago, and I have no children. What am I going to do, buy a bigger television set?'”

Have you decided how much you’d spend to save your pet? If so, what financial steps have you taken (like adding more to your emergency fund) to support such a plan of action?

How Far Would You Go To Keep Your Dog Alive? [The Wall Street Journal]

(Photo: fantasysage)

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