Car Dealership Disguises Junk Mail As Traffic Ticket

Reader Sandra thinks Feeny Dodge in Elgin, IL should rethink this advertisement, which is disguised as a traffic ticket.

Sandra says:

I received the following advertisement in the mail today. It comes from a Feeny Dodge dealership in Elgin, Illinois. However, it came in an envelope marked “Traffic Division – Department of Ticket Disbursements” from Carol Stream, IL. I thought it was a traffic ticket so I opened the letter. I was surprised to learn that it was actually an advertisement for a local car dealership! Seriously, how low will a company go to get you to read their junk mail?

This is just sad. We were curious about the official-sounding stuff about consulting the F010 section of the DMM so we looked it up. It’s the section of the official domestic mail manual that deals with Nondelivery of Mail. Tee hee. How authentic.

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