Air Canada Cuts Inflatable Life Vests In Order To Save Fuel

Airlines are cutting things like entertainment units, snacks and beverages in order to raise revenue and cut fuel costs, but what about those inflatable life vests? Do we need those? Air Canada’s regional airline “Jazz” doesn’t think so.

From the Nova Scotia News:

The Toronto Star reported Saturday that Jazz, Air Canada’s regional affiliate, plans to reduce fuel consumption by dropping commercial life vests from its flights, which will amount to about 25 kilograms less aboard its Dash-8 planes with 50 seats.

The move will leave passengers holding onto their seats — or at least their floating seat cushions — in the event the plane ditches and they hit the water alive.

Transport Canada regulations allow airlines to use flotation devices, a secondary option for other carriers, instead of life vests as long as the planes remain within 90 kilometres of shore. A Jazz official said a number of its East Coast routes were adjusted so the planes met that requirement, the Star reported.

One former airline CSR interviewed for the report wondered what would happen to infants and people who couldn’t grab on to their seat cushions…

“If you have an infant (and) you don’t have a (life vest), you’re hanging on to the cushion,” he said. “Are they saying, ‘Hang onto the cushion with one arm and your baby with another?’

“I mean, who comes up with these things?”

What do you think?

Airline ditches life vests to save on fuel [NSN](Thanks, Aaron !)

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