Northwest Airlines has pulled political billboards depicting Minneapolis being targeted by nuclear weapons from their terminal in the Minneapolis airport. We wonder why. [NYT]


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  1. Elijah86 says:

    Ack the link is down!

  2. Elijah86 says:
  3. BeeBoo says:

    It wasn’t Northwest’s ad. Northwest complained about a billboard placed by the Union of Concerned Scientists for the upcoming convention.


    Shame on Northwest Airlines.

  4. Elijah86 says:

    Irony, my link also was the wrong one.

  5. wildbill says:

    anybody got a picture of the ad?

  6. varro says:

    Northwest should put up billboards with enhanced signage to the restrooms for any closeted Republicans who want to take a Wide Stance.

    Also, I assume the hookers in the City Paper will be doing bang-up business during the convention…

  7. MercuryPDX says:
  8. There’s nothing wrong with that ad.

    How freaking sensitive are people?

    Has there ever been a nuclear attack on US soil to make people skittish about this? Nope.

    “OMG we can’t talk about nuclear weapons. They’re SCARY.” What are we, a nation of 4-year-olds? And don’t tell me it could scare children. Kids old enough to read would get bored before they bothered to try to discern the meaning. Kids too young to read wouldn’t get it.

    I can see how an ad for Tide detergent or something shouldn’t be using nuclear fear to scare you into buying it. However, when the topic is nuclear proliferation, exactly how is this inappropriate?

  9. @BeeBoo: @West Coast Secessionist: The article pretty clearly explains that it was a contract violation.

    Ms. Lee, of Northwest, said that Clear Channel had erred in permitting the billboard to go up in the first place in Minneapolis, because the contract with the airport authority states, “Under no circumstances shall displays embody controversial, social, moral, political or ethical issues.”

    So as much as I agree with the issue, it touches on just about all of those.

  10. RoboSheep says:

    Daisy girl?