5 Questions To Determine If Frequent-Flier Credit Cards Are Worthwhile

As the value of frequent-flier miles continue to free-fall, it’s worth asking whether you should ditch your frequent-flier credit card. The Times posed five questions to help you decide if it’s time to switch to a different rewards program.


  • 1. Do You Carry A Balance?: If yes, don’t pass Go even though you could use the $200. Frequent flier miles are not the problem for you. Focus instead on low APR cards.
  • 2. Do You Have Kids?: Kids are the enemies of frequent flier miles. Airlines limit the number of frequent flier seats that overlap with school breaks because they know that you and every other parent want to sneak away after sending little Jimmy off to summer camp.


  • 3. Do You Have Elite Status?: Airlines set aside extra seats just for you. Aren’t you special?!
  • 4. Are You A Big Spender?: Scratching for that 25,000 mile ticket may not be worthwhile, but if you run your business through your card and rack up miles, you can chase after pricey premium class overseas tickets.
  • 5. Do You Value Upgrades?: If you have a ticket on certain fare classes, airlines are still willing to let you use your miles to upgrade to the good life.

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