Sorry About The Rocks In Your Raisin Bread. Here's $5.

We’ve never really stopped to wonder what sort of compensation we would require if we found small rocks in our raisin bread, but we’re pretty sure that it’s more than $5. Maybe we’re being unrealistic, because when Michael Snyder found rocks in the raisin bread he bought from a bakery in Somerville, Massachusetts, he asked for 5 loaves of bread in compensation and settled for $5 instead.

Ron Siegel, co-owner, told the Journal they have traced the rocks back to a shipment of raisins they received from Hillcrest Foods, a food distributor. When Pigs Fly has since sent the shipment of raisin back to the distributor.

The raisins were traced back to a Chilean company where an older method of drying grapes is used. This old method dries the grapes in between the rows of vineyard. While this method works well, it does allow for more contamination by small rocks and other foreign materials.

When Pigs Fly Inc. did offer compensation for the loaves of “rocky” bread. Siegel said Snyder originally wanted five loaves of bread shipped to his house in North Reading, but a compromise was reached, and Snyder was sent a $5 check.

Snyder is not bitter about the situation. “I have nothing bad to say,” said Snyder. “I am sure this is an isolated event.”

Oh well, we’re glad they worked it out. That must be some tasty raisin bread.

Rocks in raisin bread traced to Chilean company
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