Burger King Employee Takes Bath In Sink, Feels Wrath Of Health Department

A Burger King employee who took a bath in the burger chain’s sink is probably regretting that someone filmed it and posted the video to MySpace, because the local Health Department was among those viewers who were not amused.

Mark McDonnell, the County Health Commissioner, was emailed the video and used it as evidence against Burger King.

“Any bacteria on his skin could have been deposited giving people food poisoning,” McDonnell told WHIOTV. In the clip, the employee is seen bathing in the sink, using a bucket market “sanitizing solution” to dump soapy water on himself. At one point the employee who was filming the prank tells the manager that someone is bathing in the sink, and the manager simply shakes her head and continues counting money.

Burger King has issued this statement about the incident:

“We have sanitized the sink and have disposed of all other kitchen tools and utensils that were used during the incident. We have also taken appropriate corrective action on the employees that were involved in this video.

Additionally, the remaining staff at this restaurant is being retrained in health and sanitation procedures.”

Employee Takes Bath At Xenia Burger King [WHIO](Thanks, Shoan!)

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