I Can't Get A Loan, Sears Says I'm Dead

Claudia’s father couldn’t get a loan because Sears reported to the credit bureaus that he was dead. In fact, it was her mother who had died. After complaints, Sears credit cards, run by Citibank said they fixed the problem. Then Claudia’s dad tried to get a loan but couldn’t. His credit score was zero.

Claudia tried to get Sears/Citibank to correct their report. 25 calls, 11 days, and 3 faxes that never happened later, Claudia stumbled across our post, “Contact Citibank CEO William Rhodes.”

She got in touch with a nice lady named Diana and in less than one business day, Claudia’s dad was no longer dead. “Thank you so much for such useful information,” she writes. “I feel like a big load has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Claudia’s father could have also disputed the information with the credit bureaus, but that would have taken several months to resolve. The loan couldn’t wait. Luckily, trusty ol’ executive customer service came to the rescue. Remember it and use it when necessary.

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