AT&T Lies About 3G Coverage, Buys You Off With $250 Credit

Reader Corey checked the 3G coverage map before buying a new iPhone, only to find out that the map was wrong. The story has something of a happy ending, however, because Corey says he’s pleased with the $250 service credit AT&T offered.

Corey says:

Before buying the new Iphone I checked the coverage area for my home and was reported to have full 3G. Excited by this nice but not completely necessary perk I purchased the Iphone. I get it home barely able to contain my excitement, Upon start up I found that I have VERY little edge, let alone 3G. So I set about troubleshooting through handy dandy google but to no avail.

So it came time to call customer support, the lady reported that I should have full 3G in my area and sent an invisible update to my phone and was told that 3 days later a follow up call would come. Fast forward a week and a half. I missed their call due to me driving at the time, so set about getting back in contact with them. I followed the same lines as before; “The site said I should have full coverage but I barely get any blah blah blah.” The report that I should be having full was echoed once again and was transferred to apple care. Her suggestions were all ones that I had done long prior. Here comes the mysterious part…

The Apple rep said that I should only be getting moderate coverage according to the map, ok… So I was transferred to AT&T tech support the very short (short as in testy, not physically, I’m not omnipitent) CSR reported that I should have NO coverage, NONE. So I was transferred back to customer service where I was finally helped by an empathic rep who after a few minutes applied a $250 credit to my account. I feel quite happy about the result yet still peeved that AT&T would sell people on coverage that they do not deliver. Side note: the empathic rep stated that this was his 3rd call about this issue. One rep 3 calls one issue.

I smell that there may be a class action in the air at some point. I printed up the page that states that I should be receiving full coverage and on the site of the printout it states “AT&T does not guarantee coverage.” WHAT!?

I apologize for the length of this email but I feel that this story is not unique to myself and should be passed along to as many people as possible so that they may make informed decisions as AT&T seems unable to sell service honestly.

Good tip, Corey. Anyone else having problems getting coverage in areas that AT&T says should be 3G?

(Photo: jetsetpress )

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