For all six of you Americans out there who use a Symbian phone, SymbianGear is offering one free app per day for 10 days. You’ve already missed days 1 & 2, but they’ve got 7 more to go if you’re interested. (Today is Texas Holdem). [SymbianGear via]


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  1. spyz88 says:

    LOL, all six…

  2. The_Gas_Man says:

    If they’d release an S60 device on CDMA, I’d be the 7th.

  3. Aeroracere says:

    And here I thought they only made sex toys…

  4. Mr. Guy says:

    aeroracre- looks like I came across this thread too late. you beat me.

  5. ppiddy says:

    Oh DAMN, they’ve got “Advanced Device Locks for Nokia S60 3rd edition 1.07” AND “mYspike® mobile Java (Symbian) 1.4” available? Sign me up!

    People why the world is in love with the iPhone? It’s good for EVERYONE that someone has finally figured out that cell phones don’t have to absolutely suck. Competition = good.

  6. jackwooly says:

    Impeccable writing skills I must say:

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  7. nfs says:

    @The_Gas_Man: They’ll never make a Symbian device on CDMA. Instead, they’ll throw in BREW on all device (atleast Sprint uses java), and screw us up with no free apps (plus no ‘mom and pop’ developers because they ask money for making apps).

  8. theblackdog says:

    Is it wrong that I originally read “Symbian” as “Sybian”?

    NSFW if you Google that.

  9. gorckat says:

    @theblackdog: I thought the same thing and was totally confused. I thought a Fleshbot post had gotten crossed up :P

  10. weakdome says:

    I was hoping I could get a Sybian phone.

  11. thelushie says:

    @gorckat: Me too. I have to get my mind out of the gutter.

  12. elforesto says:

    Uh… Symbian phones have 65% market share worldwide. They just happen to have a small visibility in the North American market.

  13. Flyinace2000 says:

    Wooo Hoooo Thanks! I am one of six! (N82)

  14. nfs says:

    @elforesto: Damn. I’m guessing less than 5% market share in America. Probably worse in Canada. Nope, never mind. Rogers sells the N95 8GB. At 200 dollars.

    Damn you AT&T.

  15. The_Gas_Man says:

    Uh huh.

    That’s why they said “For all six of you Americans“. I’m all for snarky comments, but at least try to read the article first.

  16. Meathamper says:

    Maybe all six people who have a Symbian phone should join a user group or something.