Your Brother Committed Suicide? No Insurance For You

Consumer Reports has an interview with the mother of a young man who couldn’t get any insurance because, after his brother committed suicide when he was younger, he saw a psychiatrist for a few sessions. He went uninsured after he aged out of his father’s coverage and taking jobs with no health benefits. Then, while he was cleaning it, his pickup truck burst into flames.

He spent 20 days in the intensive burn center, where he was also diagnosed with Addison’s disease. Now he’s $1.2 million debt after paying for the costs out of pocket. The bad marks on his credit report have gotten him turned down for a few jobs as well.

A sad tale to illustrate the perils of walking around uninsured, and the cold-blooded and illogical arithmetic of our health care system.

Janne in Norman, OK [Consumer Reports]

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