Updated: Fry's Electronics Home Office Company Directory

Inside, the Fry’s Electronics Home Office corporate directory. Some of these extensions are duplicates, but the list seems to work in general. If you’re having trouble getting traction on a customer service issue with the notoriously difficult to reach company, this could be your lodestar. Update: An insider went through the giant phone list and broke out the upper-level people by their job area.

They also add, “Don’t be afraid to use the “Tell Randy” forms. He really does read every single one. If its a complaint, mail it yourself so it doesn’t get lost. You can find these at the Front Check Out, or by the PIC Podium.”

Randy Fry – wrf@i.frys.com
[He is very involved with the everyday operations of the company.]

Vice President
Omar Siddiqui – aos@i.frys.com
[Very rarely in the office. Handles the purchasing side of the business. Also in charge of all ads & “ADORS”. More on that later.]

Director Of Operations
Ken Lutz – kjl@i.frys.com
[In charge of all Store Managers and their subordinates. Works closely with Randy.]

Director Of Customer Service
Shahriar Saraj – shs@i.frys.com
[Handles front checkout, returns, customer relations, & cafe.]

Head Of Legal
Kathy Kolder – kjk@i.frys.com
[In Charge of Fry’s legal affairs, also part owner]

Components Department – (Memory, Processors, Motherboards, Hard-drives, Cases, etc)
Director – Vacant
Purchasing Manager – Steve Monnier – smm@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4665
District Managers
D1 Lerida Gomez – (408) 487-4696
D2 Leo Lopez – (408) 441-0831
D3 Eric Maxwell – (408) 487-4697
[Steve is a good guy. If you can get a hold of him, he will take care of you.]

Computers Department – (Desktops, Notebooks, Monitors, Printers, Thumb Drives, Office Supplies, Apple Computers, etc)
Director – Rajesh Seth – rks@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4520
Purchasing Manager – Inderjit Khera – ijk@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4522
District Managers
D1 Joseph Kerr – (408) 487-4756
D2 Vacant – (408) 487-4757
D3 John Norris – (408) 441-0249
[Rajesh is a pretty busy guy, so getting a hold of him will be tough. Inderjit can be contacted a bit easier so use him to get to Rajesh.]

Software Department – (Movies, Software, Games, Books, etc)
Director – Rayman Cheng – rwc@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4530
Purchasing Manager – Vacant
District Managers
D1 Lynda Luu – (408) 487-4565
D2 Molly Talooi – (408) 487-4761
D3 Jennifer Haddan – (408) 487-4565
[Don’t know him too well, but he seems to treat his people well, so maybe he’ll do the same for a customer.]

Service Department – (Service Center, All Warranty Repairs)
Director – Jeff Staat – jes@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4542
District Managers
D1 Vacant
D2 Ricky Cheng – (408) 487-4544
D3 Vacant
[Jeff is actually under Rajesh Seth, so if he can’t help you escalate it to Rajesh.]

Audio Video – (TV’s, Home Audio, Car Audio, Cameras, Telescopes, MP3 Players, etc)
Director – Gopala Ajjarapu – gba@i.frys.com – (408) 487- 4550
Purchasing Manager – Vacant
District Managers
D1 Randy Eaton – (408) 441-0251
D2 Cesar Perez – (408) 487-4593
D3 Eric Weers – (408) 487-4592

Appliances – (Appliances, Cell Phones, AC Units, etc)
Director – Sanjeev Shera – ss11@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4677
Purchasing Manager – Vacant
District Managers
D1 Andrew Patty – (408) 487-4557
D2 Dimpy Sidhu – (408) 441-0264
D3 Vacant – (408) 487-4738
[Good guy. Customer Oriented. Will go the extra mile to help you.]

District Managers. These are the guys who you would contact if you cant get something done on the store level. Each Department (Computers, Software, AV, Service, Appliances, Components) has 1 District Manager per district, so there are 3 DDMs per department. Some are great, others make you wonder what on earth upper management was thinking when they promoted them. Along with reporting to their own Director, they also report to a DDM of Store Operations (listed below), who then report to Ken Lutz.

District 1
Reza Davariar – (408) 487-4716
[On his way out. If you’ve shopped here in the bay you’ll understand why]
Palo Alto, CA
Campbell, CA
San Jose, CA
Sunnyvale, CA
Sacramento, CA
Wilsonville, OR
Fremont, CA
Concord, CA
Roseville, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Renton, WA

Dsitrict 2
Mike Millar – (408) 487-4773
[Very tough guy to work for, but pretty fair and balanced]
Manhattan Beach, CA
Fountain Valley, CA
Woodland Hills, CA
Anaheim, CA
Burbank, CA
San Diego, CA
Tempe, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
San Marcos, CA
City Of Industry, CA
Oxnard, CA

District 3
Todd Smith – (408) 441-0210
[Don’t know much about the guy, seems okay]
Dallas, TX
Arlington, TX
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
South Houston, TX
Downers Grove, IL
Alpharetta, GA
Plano, TX
Webster, TX
Irving, TX
Duluth, GA
Fishers, IN

If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, contact Ginger Bautista at (408) 487-4743. She is the person in charge of all rebate issues at home office. She will cut you a check and ding the vendor who refused to pay. It’s written into every contract that Fry’s reserves the right to deduct any unpaid rebates from their account. (Please make sure that you did everything as requested. They can’t help you if you missed the deadline, or possibly just failed to read the instructions.)

PREVIOUSLY: Departmental Phone Extensions For Every Fry’s
(Photo: bryce_edwards)


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  1. renilyn says:

    WONDERFUL — I wish this was out years ago :( I’ve had enough challenges with that company to use a few of these numbers :)

  2. scoobydoo says:

    And this folks, is why the Consumerist ROCKS.

    Thanks Ben!

  3. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    So what’s the point of posting the extension of payroll employees? And construction carpenters? ;-)

  4. Do you think by posting these people’s direct line numbers, customers would get better service? Especially considering Fry’s Electronics’ high turn-over rate.


  5. Starfury says:

    I hate Fry’s with a passion and rarely shop there. Why? (other than the usual horror stories?)

    The power supply on my PC died. I went to Fry’s because it was the only local store open and bought a sealed power supply that didn’t have the return sticker on it. I get home, remove the plastic, slide the box out of the paper sleeve…and find a return sticker on the box that says “defective, return to mfg.” At this point I’m pretty upset. Next day I return the power supply to Fry’s and show the clerk the sticker and don’t even get any sort of apology. I get a refund and leave. In the 2+ yrs since this happened I’ve built 2 PCs and done upgrades and not one penny was spent at Fry’s. I paid more $$ either to the local shop or mail ordered the parts.

    Support your local mom/pop PC shop over Fry’s.

  6. bnet41 says:

    I don’t agree with this at all. This is immoral. Why post regular employee phone numbers? Some people will call these people with issues that they can do nothing about. Maybe someone should post your numbers.

  7. roche says:

    @bnet41: Immoral? That is a tad bit melodramatic don’t you think?

  8. bnet41 says:

    I don’t know, maybe it was the wrong word.

    Imagine someone sitting at their desk getting a call from some angry customer. It’s not their job to deal with that, and how would they handle that? I’ve been in that situation before and it’s not a good one. I’ve dealt with many customers in my past CS jobs who I could just calling number after number bothering people.

    While this information is usually accessible if you know where to look on some corporate sites, it’s just not something that should be published like this. It helps no one, and in the end will probably cause some people issues.

  9. GenXCub says:


    (ˌ)i(m)-ˈmȯr-əl, -ˈmär-

    not moral; broadly : conflicting with generally or traditionally held moral principles.

    I seriously don’t think that people with a problem with their power supply will call the book department dude. This site is about protecting the knowledgable consumer. We are being entrusted to not abuse the information we are given. Many situations where the customer is not satisfied needs prompt attention, and I challenge you to call anyone on this list and ask them:

    “would you mind taking a call from a frustrated customer about a problem that Fry’s hasn’t resolved?”

    They’ll say sure.

  10. kweee says:

    Totally agree with BNET41 here. What the heck is the point of posting numbers of people, most of whom are regular folks like you and me, and almost all of whom couldn’t do the slightest thing about your problem. Come on, Consumerist, stop being a bad consumer!

  11. timmus says:

    The one meaningful customer interaction I had at Frys was at the CPU counter. The women there did not know their asses from their elbows when I was trying to figure out which CPU to put in a PC Chips motherboard. It was like watching the sausage counter at a Soviet market. My wife wisely recommended we leave.

  12. Kurtz says:

    Here’s an oldie but goodie – the Fry’s Electronics employment application:

  13. rublind says:

    I used to work at the Fry’s pictured above. The only good thing about the store is the prices and the return policy. If you have to go, go in knowing what you want, so you don’t have to deal with assholes (such as I was). All they want is to make money off of you, or to chit-chat with their coworkers.

    Just a side note, in case you want to get a worker back, the “employee parking lot” is on the right side of the building (when facing it like in the photo). Just in case you have to slash any tires. ;)

  14. ivieso says:

    I know you all love frys, even though you hate on them.

  15. jbohanon says:

    I had a run-in with Fry’s around Christmas. I managed to order a Wii from them a few weeks before Christmas. First they had a broken voicemail system that kicked you off after fifteen minutes. It took 8 calls to get through to somebody. The Wii didn’t ship until a month later, and then only with one of the three games bundled with it. Another month later I get an e-mail that the two remaining games were back-ordered and they would cancel my order if I didn’t send them a note. Calling them up I found out that I would actually have to send the Wii back if I chose to do that. One call to the executive support fixed that. Needless to say, I’ll never do business with them again.

  16. j.a.s.o.n says:

    This seems grossly inappropriate. Posting the names and titles of 400 individuals employed by a privately owned company seems, at the least, an invasion of privacy. If this was easily, readily available public information it’d be a different story. I’m near certain that you did not obtain this data by visiting individual Fry’s, walking around with a clipboard and recording information off of name badges. Almost surely this data was obtained through an employee of Fry’s violating their corporate policies which you are now complicit in. But regardless of the source, posting the data of private individuals seems in opposition to the mission of the Consumerist.

  17. rublind says:

    @j.a.s.o.n: I completely understand your point. But the store is sometimes so awful, that you just need SOMEONE at home office to talk to. And now you have it. I wish I had this when I WORKED there. I would’ve loved to talk to them about my stupid Manager and her issues.

  18. troublz says:

    I love the posts related to Executive Support and Corporate CEO’s phone numbers, etc. on here BUT the non customer-service people should have been taken off this list. I’ve worked in the IT dept. for 3 retail companies in my career and I’ve gotten an irate customer or two chew me out because they keep trying extensions using the “squeaky wheel” method. If I wanted that, I would have gone into customer service or even management for that matter.

    Piss off a crazy person and they’ll happily call whomever they can find.

  19. fredmertz says:

    I used to work at the NFL. The Monday after the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore, I came in to work to kind death threats and threats to my family on my voicemail because some jackass had published as many NFL office names and phone numbers as they could find.

    This serves no purpose whatsoever, and is the kind of privacy violation that this site would normally jump all over.

    Someone call Arnold Diaz, because consumerist deserves a Shame, Shame, Shame on you!

  20. j.a.s.o.n says:

    @rublind: I’m not sure if I understand the justification you are providing RUBLIND. I don’t see how rampant poor customer service provides justification for posting the full name and title of, say, some of the paralegals at Fry’s. It’s a private company, and this is personal, non-public information. Again, it’s an invasion of privacy and I don’t understand how poor customer service justifies violating it.

  21. Havok154 says:


    Sweet, I wonder if he can help me return this remote control that doesn’t work.

  22. Thats one hell of a listing

  23. dantsea says:

    This is quite possibly the one company where complaining up the executive ladder would actually make things worse. They’re know for their prices, not much else

  24. Sequential_Combo says:

    This is a relief. No longer will I have to listen to my father cuss out hapless employees for their racist ways.

  25. PandemicSoul says:

    BOOO. Poor taste, Consumerist! If you want to make it easier for consumers to reach this company, post the numbers of the executive department or just list all of the extensions. Posting the full names of the company employees is a complete and total violation of privacy, is mean-spirited, and does absolutely nothing to help the consumer.

    For a blog that advocates good behavior in the open market, this seems to be an awfully bad decision. I hope the employees of this company raise hell.

    Take the list down, and reclaim your moral authority!

  26. j.a.s.o.n says:

    Why is this information still posted?

  27. Ola says:

    And this helps consumers how, exactly? Really poor judgment there, Consumerist. Execs’ numbers and contact info for people that can make a difference in the right departments makes sense. But why are, for example, payroll employees on here?!

    Even though your visitors don’t pay to come here, we’re consumers of your content. Or…non-consumers and non-recommenders of your content. I like Consumerist, but stuff like this is garbage and doesn’t make me want to support or recommend it.

  28. dolphinpacific says:

    Fry’s Electronics should close all their stores. They have incompetent employees who are not customer oriented and are not knowledgeable in responding to consumers questions regarding electronics they sell. I can assure Fry’s Electronic will not have my business and will pass onto my collegues, friends, neighbors and family never to shop there. Eventhough their prices are cheap their response time in taking care of consumer’s issue are nothing to compare with BEST BUY and/or CIRCUIT CITY.

  29. javastain says:

    Kudo’s to you consumerist, for leaving this list. I think most people reading your site are truely trying to find a solution to their headaches. And if the only person you can get a hold of is the HVAC assistant, maybe that guy will be more helpful to a frustrated consumer!

  30. exkon says:

    A little torn on this issue here…

    Perhaps just the executive and district managers numbers only?

    But with the extensive list of numbers would it be appropiate to ONLY follow the “chain of command” for escalating issues? Really gives the consumer to try “every” option before executing an EECB.

  31. Consumerist-Moderator-Roz says:

    Folks, remember the comment code. Disagreements regarding editorial choice (‘why is this on Consumerist’ type issues) should be emailed to the editor, not aired in comments. If you have further concerns about this post, the best thing is to mail Ben.

  32. Burgandy says:

    Publishing the numbers of people who can do something to help, that rocks. Publishing the line cook’s #, not so great unless they deliver.

  33. MunkyBoi says:

    The list needs to stay. As a former “associate”, I know how difficult it is to get taken care of sometimes at Fry’s. Upper management (part of the old boys club) use quiet and backhanded fear tactics behind closed doors to intimidate their subordinates. I know it’s seen as a positive (yet very agressive) management tactic, but it creates a feeling of impending doom for everyone it touches. I was with the company for some time, and moved my way up pretty far before I decided to reclaim my soul and get the hell out. There are a LOT of good people working for the company, but the way they are managed is unspeakable. Being berated and worked 70+ hours, 6-7days a week, being told that it’s either “your job or your family”, you quickly lose focus on why you are there. Maybe having the list up, and getting calls from actual customers will shake up the system a little. Believe me – the guys at Home Office stay plenty busy for the most part. Once they start getting direct calls about all the crap that people are enduring, something will get done. I don’t know what kind of difference we’re likely to see as a byproduct, but it will get Ken or Randy’s attention.

  34. MunkyBoi says:

    PS: You’re not looking for the “Tell Randy” forms – those are internal complaint forms. Look for “Direct Connect” forms – a tri-fold with red print on white paper. Very, very useful. Managers at store level get these back in their email after they’ve been submitted to Home Office. They get reviewed, assigned, and the manager they’re assigned to HAS to get a resolution, report it back to his manager, and then it gets reported bad to Home Office.

  35. MunkyBoi says:

    *back <– to Home Office that is.

  36. Radoman says:

    Frys. Hmmm. The prices are great, but the customer service is worse than Best Buy has ever been. That being said, allow me to share my Frys story with you.

    During the run up to the 2004 presidential election, I noticed Frys had Republican volunteers registering voters out front. (Big BUSH signs) The problem was they were only registering Republicans. Illegal under state law. The woman running the booth at the time actually refused to hand me a registration form after I declined to state a party affiliation.

    I’m an Independent, but I couldn’t let that go unchallenged. So, I set up a registration booth myself, with a sign reading “Register to vote here, ALL parties welcome.” (large KERRY sign)

    At one point, I’m being heckled by a group of guys hanging out near the Bush table. So, I walk over to answer a few of their questions. Such as, “Why do you support Kerry?” I told them Kerry was the only one willing to stand up to Bush, whom I consider a bad leader. A friendly conversation with opposing viewpoints. No big deal.

    Randy Fry himself comes out and sees me talking to these guys, and goes ballistic. He starts screaming at me that I need to leave the property immediately or face trespassing charges. He says he doesn’t want me harassing customers. I explain we were having a friendly conversation, but now that I know he doesn’t want me talking to customers, I won’t unless they approach my table. I explain that I am the only person in front of his store following state law and registering folks from any party. (There are two Bush tables now) I ask him to please let me stay. He says the Democrats will have to send someone else. I explain that no one sent me. I’m doing this on my own time for free. The concept seems alien to him. He says he’s calling the cops. I say I will wait patiently for them, to arrive. He walks away.

    Five minutes later he comes back and tells me the cops are on their way. I inform him I’ll be sure to let the media know he’s knowingly allowing Republican voters to register in front of his store, while having an Independent registrar arrested. This seems to make him think a little, and he walks away again.

    He comes back a few minutes later and tells me I can stay. He adds, “I didn’t know who I was going to vote for before today, but your actions have convinced me to vote for Bush!” Wow, really? Registering anyone who asks convinced you we need inept leadership? OK.

    I continued to register voters from all parties for the rest of the election cycle, there and in front of Walmart too. It’s amazing the reactions you get from people at such altars of consumerism with a Democratic campaign sign. More than one person threatened to physically beat me, but no one actually had the guts to try. Probably for the best for all concerned.

  37. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    Yeah, it’s pointless posting all these numbers. I think this is promoting the idea of harassing all the employees, hoping your issue will trickle up and get resolved faster somehow.

    And former Fry’s employee here too. Love shopping there. No other chain store or mom-n-pop store comes close to their product offerings. But their customer service is lacking. Probably worse than Best Buy. And the Fry family is prime fodder for a reality TV show. Drama, drama, drama.

  38. toolverine says:

    Terrible, terrible customer service. Their print ads are ridden with typos as well. However, they do have some sweet videogame deals.

  39. Amiga says:

    What extension do you call to bitch about rebates?

  40. aka Cat says:

    @GenXCub: They will?? I’m a programmer/analyst at a large corporation and if a customer called me, there’s not a darn thing I could do to help them. I’ve never spoken to anyone further up the ladder than my boss’s boss, and the only time I’ve met any of the folks who work with the public, was as a customer myself.

  41. sashazur says:

    Overall I think Fry’s is decent, but they do have some quirks:

    – They put returned merch back on the shelves (but there is usually a sticker on the box that says that).

    – They have the same types of stuff in multiple parts of the store, at different prices. For example, the TV area only has brand-name (expensive) video cables, but in a totally different part of the store you can find generic cheaper versions of the same type of cable.

    – Returns are a hassle if you are returning a computer or a computer peripheral – even if you have obviously never opened the box they will open it and check everything.

    – And finally, here is my biggest beef: my local Fry’s is not ‘themed’ in any cool way! (unless you consider “previously was an Incredible Universe” a theme).

  42. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @Radoman: Your post deserves a Hero tag. You should have went to the media anyway; corporations need to be held accountable when they break the law, just as we are.

  43. ZackHoagie says:

    I must have the only Fry’s that doesn’t do it’s best to blow as hard as possible because all my purchases have been pretty good in all areas.

  44. Jon Mason says:

    This list should not have been published in full – pick and choose the “customer” related numbers and get rid of the rest. Why the hell should programmers, analysts, (a fricking pilot???) have their numbers listed like this? You would still have a good, informative post with a lot of numbers, but not inconveniencing people who have NO WAY to help you. I work in a company’s IT dept and if any customer calls me with an issue they are getting a “hold please” and transferred to the CS line

  45. MunkyBoi says:

    Ok, ok, get this – Fry’s Home Office is ONE building. Not very big, and the top floor is like a giant bull penn with cubicles across the ENTIRE floor – all surrounded by big-wig offices. Now, if you think that these people taking customer calls won’t say anything to the people around them, then you are mistaken. Fry’s Home Office is still an “Old Boys Club” for the most part, and the easiest way to get anywhere in the company is to make nice with the people above you, and go drinking with them when given the opportunity. Granted, a lot of those guys in the bullpen work hard most of the week, but a lot of them just sit around and screw off too (I’ve known a LOT of them presonally over the years) – getting these calls is going to frustrate the hell out of them, and they will whine about it. A handfull of those numbers will get changed soon, and dozens of people down the food chain are going to feel some colateral heat from it.

  46. @masonreloaded:


    A little editing should be performed.

  47. MadAsHell says:

    this cite is awesome! now maybe i won’t have to initiate a small claims court procedure to get a response from these folks who hide behind their voice mail never answering their phone, fail to return your voice mails, and have taken the run-around to the highest level in creation. Regardless of the result of my claim, I will never, EVER shop there again and believe me, I’ve been sharing my experience with this establishment with anyone who’ll listen, most of whom (unbelievably) have had their own negative experience with this storefront.