Updated: Fry's Electronics Home Office Company Directory

Inside, the Fry’s Electronics Home Office corporate directory. Some of these extensions are duplicates, but the list seems to work in general. If you’re having trouble getting traction on a customer service issue with the notoriously difficult to reach company, this could be your lodestar. Update: An insider went through the giant phone list and broke out the upper-level people by their job area.

They also add, “Don’t be afraid to use the “Tell Randy” forms. He really does read every single one. If its a complaint, mail it yourself so it doesn’t get lost. You can find these at the Front Check Out, or by the PIC Podium.”

Randy Fry – wrf@i.frys.com
[He is very involved with the everyday operations of the company.]

Vice President
Omar Siddiqui – aos@i.frys.com
[Very rarely in the office. Handles the purchasing side of the business. Also in charge of all ads & “ADORS”. More on that later.]

Director Of Operations
Ken Lutz – kjl@i.frys.com
[In charge of all Store Managers and their subordinates. Works closely with Randy.]

Director Of Customer Service
Shahriar Saraj – shs@i.frys.com
[Handles front checkout, returns, customer relations, & cafe.]

Head Of Legal
Kathy Kolder – kjk@i.frys.com
[In Charge of Fry’s legal affairs, also part owner]

Components Department – (Memory, Processors, Motherboards, Hard-drives, Cases, etc)
Director – Vacant
Purchasing Manager – Steve Monnier – smm@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4665
District Managers
D1 Lerida Gomez – (408) 487-4696
D2 Leo Lopez – (408) 441-0831
D3 Eric Maxwell – (408) 487-4697
[Steve is a good guy. If you can get a hold of him, he will take care of you.]

Computers Department – (Desktops, Notebooks, Monitors, Printers, Thumb Drives, Office Supplies, Apple Computers, etc)
Director – Rajesh Seth – rks@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4520
Purchasing Manager – Inderjit Khera – ijk@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4522
District Managers
D1 Joseph Kerr – (408) 487-4756
D2 Vacant – (408) 487-4757
D3 John Norris – (408) 441-0249
[Rajesh is a pretty busy guy, so getting a hold of him will be tough. Inderjit can be contacted a bit easier so use him to get to Rajesh.]

Software Department – (Movies, Software, Games, Books, etc)
Director – Rayman Cheng – rwc@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4530
Purchasing Manager – Vacant
District Managers
D1 Lynda Luu – (408) 487-4565
D2 Molly Talooi – (408) 487-4761
D3 Jennifer Haddan – (408) 487-4565
[Don’t know him too well, but he seems to treat his people well, so maybe he’ll do the same for a customer.]

Service Department – (Service Center, All Warranty Repairs)
Director – Jeff Staat – jes@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4542
District Managers
D1 Vacant
D2 Ricky Cheng – (408) 487-4544
D3 Vacant
[Jeff is actually under Rajesh Seth, so if he can’t help you escalate it to Rajesh.]

Audio Video – (TV’s, Home Audio, Car Audio, Cameras, Telescopes, MP3 Players, etc)
Director – Gopala Ajjarapu – gba@i.frys.com – (408) 487- 4550
Purchasing Manager – Vacant
District Managers
D1 Randy Eaton – (408) 441-0251
D2 Cesar Perez – (408) 487-4593
D3 Eric Weers – (408) 487-4592

Appliances – (Appliances, Cell Phones, AC Units, etc)
Director – Sanjeev Shera – ss11@i.frys.com – (408) 487-4677
Purchasing Manager – Vacant
District Managers
D1 Andrew Patty – (408) 487-4557
D2 Dimpy Sidhu – (408) 441-0264
D3 Vacant – (408) 487-4738
[Good guy. Customer Oriented. Will go the extra mile to help you.]

District Managers. These are the guys who you would contact if you cant get something done on the store level. Each Department (Computers, Software, AV, Service, Appliances, Components) has 1 District Manager per district, so there are 3 DDMs per department. Some are great, others make you wonder what on earth upper management was thinking when they promoted them. Along with reporting to their own Director, they also report to a DDM of Store Operations (listed below), who then report to Ken Lutz.

District 1
Reza Davariar – (408) 487-4716
[On his way out. If you’ve shopped here in the bay you’ll understand why]
Palo Alto, CA
Campbell, CA
San Jose, CA
Sunnyvale, CA
Sacramento, CA
Wilsonville, OR
Fremont, CA
Concord, CA
Roseville, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Renton, WA

Dsitrict 2
Mike Millar – (408) 487-4773
[Very tough guy to work for, but pretty fair and balanced]
Manhattan Beach, CA
Fountain Valley, CA
Woodland Hills, CA
Anaheim, CA
Burbank, CA
San Diego, CA
Tempe, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
San Marcos, CA
City Of Industry, CA
Oxnard, CA

District 3
Todd Smith – (408) 441-0210
[Don’t know much about the guy, seems okay]
Dallas, TX
Arlington, TX
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
South Houston, TX
Downers Grove, IL
Alpharetta, GA
Plano, TX
Webster, TX
Irving, TX
Duluth, GA
Fishers, IN

If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, contact Ginger Bautista at (408) 487-4743. She is the person in charge of all rebate issues at home office. She will cut you a check and ding the vendor who refused to pay. It’s written into every contract that Fry’s reserves the right to deduct any unpaid rebates from their account. (Please make sure that you did everything as requested. They can’t help you if you missed the deadline, or possibly just failed to read the instructions.)

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