Mint Adds Loans, Mortgages, CC APR Changes

Popular personal-finance management site has added some cool new features. You can now add your student and auto loans, monitoring balances and getting reminders when it’s payment time. Over 1000 lenders were added. Mortgages are now supported, letting you set auto-reminders for when payments are due. The site also now tracks your credit card interest rate, sounding the klaxons when your rate goes up. This gives you a chance to negotiate a better rate (here’s a sample script) or port your balance to a lower-rate card (here’s how). More banks and other features have been added, with investment and home value support on the way, bringing it closer to the promise of being your free one-stop total web-based personal finance dashboard.



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  1. Chongo says:

    I was excited about this when they announced it but thecrappy thing is that its literally ONLY for student loans and mortages… NOT personal loans.

    I really wish they would just setup a manual tracking system where you could enter in your own info. This way at least ALL of my info could be in one place. Until then its the crazy huge excel sheet for me!

  2. retailnomore says:

    Does anyone have much experience with this website? I would like to jump into it but am concerned with privacy. I also don’t want to have to jump through a million hoops to get the account closed (like I had to do with Quicken online!)

  3. Bladefist says:

    I know mint has addressed the security concerns a million times. But I still get very nervous about a company knowing that much about me. Maybe they don’t, but the company they use does. Go up the line far enough, and you find a company w/ access to everything you have.

    I’m sure they invest a ton of money into security, but it’s a concern. I’m all for using mint to track checking account, and set up budgets and what not. But loading in savings, stocks, investments, mortgages, then you’re getting a little nuts.

  4. Edge231 says:

    I started using about a month ago and love it!

    I added my mortgage from Wells Fargo yesterday and it worked fine.

  5. Chongo says:

    @retailnomore: The one thing I liked about the whole setup process is that they do not even ask for your name. Now, I’m sure I’m being a little naive, but it makes me feel a little better about the whole security thing. In the end though, I’m sure so much of what we do online is rife with security flaws, however in my case, you can’t squeeze blood from a stone so try and get me! yee haw!

  6. skittlbrau says:

    seriously, its the best one out there.

  7. QuantumRiff says:

    Mint is awesome.. I do love it, however, there are a few features that could use some improvements.. Importing files would be nice, since some banks make it so difficult to connect to the website.. My credit card company changed it’s website, and it took a month for Mint to work with the new site, but the card company caters to small credit unions, so probably wasn’t that big of a problem for mint. Setting up your own categories would also be nice, but overall, i’m very happy.. The trends feature is probably the best part.

  8. blitzcat says:

    Another vote for

  9. Asvetic says:

    No support for the Federal Gov’s Direct Loans though.

  10. pcj says:

    They *still* don’t support Citizens Bank, making them useless for me and many others. Wesabe also fails here.

    Quicken Online has zero problems – so while the feature set of Quicken Online isn’t as rich, they get my vote, and I happily pay them for it.

  11. bologna_wallet says:

    I use mint and yodlee. Yodlee has more accounts (and lets you track frequent flyer miles), but I like mints ability to categorize and track spending. Its like quicken, but accessible from anywhere.

  12. Hoss says:

    The last time I posted asking why comsumerist covers so much my post was purged by the end of the day. That was pretty insulting — and raises additional questions about the relationships

  13. tedyc03 says:

    @Asvetic: Yeah why no support for the biggest loan program on EARTH?

  14. jmacdonagh says:

    @Asvetic: Mine worked. Search for FSA Direct Loan or DLSS. It should find it.

  15. jmacdonagh says:

    @Asvetic: Yes there is. Search for FSA or DLSS. You’ll find it.

  16. joshuapattersonga says:


    There is support for Federal Student Loans. For the loan search, try “FSA Direct”. They should def. make it easier to find, but it is there.

  17. Bladefist says:

    @Blog Nazi: You sure? I don’t think they delete comments. They’ll ban you, but they usually leave your comment in tact. In their TOS they pretty much say they wont delete a comment.

    Doesn’t yodlee == mint? I think mint uses yodlee, but adds on.

  18. tedyc03 says:

    @tedyc03: @Asvetic: They do direct loans! You have to enter them as FSA Direct Loan.

  19. A.W.E.S.O.M.-O says:

    Yeah, I’m on Mint right now and I can’t get my Federal Direct loans to show up…but on the screenshot at the top of this post says “US Dept. of Education.” What gives?

  20. A.W.E.S.O.M.-O says:

    @tedyc03: You are a genius, my friend.

  21. Anks329 says:

    @Bladefist: mint is pretty front end to yodlee. yodlee is where your passwords and such are stored. but then banks use yodlee as well… so it it all the same thing with different front ends to it

  22. my_imaginary_friends_bore_me says:

    Mint doesn’t support my credit union yet and Yodlee moneycenter is having technical problems when I go to link my accounts.

    So as of now both are worthless to me

  23. Mr_D says:

    For a little while, my loans were being counted as assets, not liabilities. Thus inflating my net worth almost 200%. Thanks a lot, Mint!

    Then you had to go and ruin the party and count them against me. That was depressing.

  24. @Bladefist:

    I know mint has addressed the security concerns a million times. But I still get very nervous about a company knowing that much about me.

    I’m with you. I would love to have my finances in “mobile” form, where I could maintain the information anywhere, but I’m not willing to put that information on the net, period.

  25. Acd says:

    How does make money? Do they charge to sign up? I’d feel a lot better giving up my financial information if I knew what their business model was.

  26. A.W.E.S.O.M.-O says:

    @Acd: No charge to sign up. They make money by peddling financial products for banks (like, they’ll offer you a lower-rate credit card than the one you currently have as a “way to save”).

  27. adoreadaire says:

    I called my bank/credit card company (USAA) and asked them if I would be covered in the event of a hack over at Mint. They gave be a big, definite NO. Once you give your login info to a third party USAA apparently won’t be held responsible…

  28. ThirstyEar_2 says:

    @tedyc03 Thank you so much! I’ve been searching for that.

  29. karmaghost says:

    I like Mint and use it relatively frequently, but when it sends me my weekly rundown/summary via email, it’s always out of date. I have to physically visit the website and refresh all my accounts in order for it to reflect my current balances accurately.

  30. EBounding says:

    If you’re afraid of Mint, then you should be worried about banking online in general.

  31. synergy says:

    @Asvetic: Thanks for posting. Those are the only loans I have.

    That and what others have said about having someone up the line know too much information in one place about me would make me nervous. I’d have to read more and hear from more users.

  32. hipersons says:

    @Asvetic: um, do you mean Direct Loan Servicing for student loans? Then yes, yes they do. I have my account linked.

  33. Tankueray says:

    Just signed up today. Had to go to the forums to see how to get my ING, sharebuilder, and mortgage accounts set up, but now it has everything in one place. I really like the text message feature.

  34. retailnomore says:

    Thanks to all for discussing the security issues.

    My next question is about the “beta” designation of their software (Sign up page says this). It seems like they should be out of beta, seeing as the original Consumerist post was from last year. I would probably feel more comfortable knowing they were a little more developed on the technical side of things.

    (Flickr was in “beta” for the longest time but I still gave them my money)

  35. ? graffiksguru says:

    I’ve used Mint ever since I first saw it on here, and love it.

  36. alu says:

    still no support for Citizen’s Bank. there’s users requesting access all over the forums and a petition.

    this has been an on-going issue with Mint.