Bennigan's Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Closes Restaurants Nationwide

Bennigan’s all around the nation have abruptly closed today, after the chain’s parent company filed for bankruptcy. The Chicago Tribune dropped by the Bennigan’s at 255 N. Michigan Ave., and found a sign on the door of the restaurant that said “Closed for Business as of Tuesday, July 29.”

NBC5 in Dallas called a local restaurant and was told, “We won’t be opening anymore,” and a manager added, “This sucks. I’m out of a job.”

Details are hard to come by, but CBS 2 Chicago is reporting that the closure applies only to corporate-owned stores nationwide, and that independent franchise locations will remain open. Unfortunately for Bennigan’s fans, CBS 2 says the company has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which means that the restaurants are being liquidated and will not be staying in business. The station’s legal analyst says that Chapter 7 bankruptcy means that it is unlikely that employees will get their last paycheck.

Bennigan’s Restaurants Shut Down Nationwide
[CBS 2] (Thanks, Joel!)
(Photo: zesmerelda )

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