Comcast Frank Is Real And We Have Photographic Proof From The New York Times

Comcast’s Twitter-jockey has his own New York Times story. Awww. We love Frank, even though we probably make his life really crappy by posting lots of Comcast complaints. Oh well! Sorry, Frank.

As effective as we’ve found Frank to be, the story does highlight one of his faults, unintentional creepiness:

Noting the thunder and wind late on the night of June 11, richrecruiter, a Twitter user, wrote that he was “counting down to Comcast outage interrupting tonight’s Phillies game.” Mr. Eliason quickly replied with a brief “LOL,” short for “laugh out loud.”

Be careful what you say, Frank is listening… and we hope he’s getting lots of overtime pay.

Griping Online? Comcast Hears and Talks Back [NYT]

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