Comcast Frank Is Real And We Have Photographic Proof From The New York Times

Comcast’s Twitter-jockey has his own New York Times story. Awww. We love Frank, even though we probably make his life really crappy by posting lots of Comcast complaints. Oh well! Sorry, Frank.

As effective as we’ve found Frank to be, the story does highlight one of his faults, unintentional creepiness:

Noting the thunder and wind late on the night of June 11, richrecruiter, a Twitter user, wrote that he was “counting down to Comcast outage interrupting tonight’s Phillies game.” Mr. Eliason quickly replied with a brief “LOL,” short for “laugh out loud.”

Be careful what you say, Frank is listening… and we hope he’s getting lots of overtime pay.

Griping Online? Comcast Hears and Talks Back [NYT]


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  1. zigziggityzoo says:

    Sometimes I wonder how much they pay him. He seems to work like 16 hrs/day.

  2. Ben Popken says:

    This photo has been fact-checked.

  3. chiieddy says:

    He must have it set up so anything on Twitter with the word ‘comcast’ in it is sent to his Blackberry (likely a dedicated device) and he can easily reply.

    This makes me wonder (and his effectiveness) if he’s really sanctioned by Comcast or just one of those rare above and beyond employees

  4. axiomatic says:

    Sounds like a guy who has learned to make chicken-salad out of chicken-shit on a daily basis.

    Frank I sure hope your yearly paycheck has six figures on it.

  5. wattznext says:

    Sorry, but i’m not sure what is creepy about his response…can someone fill me in?

  6. ChuckECheese says:

    @wattznext: I’m not 100% certain, but I suspect Frank’s creepiness is related to his ubiquity on the internet, a sort of “you can run, but you can’t hide.”

  7. LoveNoelG says:

    @wattznext: He could have just, you know, laughed. LOL is to get laughter across through text, not in real life. Laughter is laughter in real life.

    Get it?

  8. wattznext says:

    @LoveNoelG: Yes, but had he just laughed, no one would have known. Replying LOL is a response. I guess that could be considered stalkerish/creepy.
    (BTW, i was considering just, you know thinking about my response to you, rather than actually, you know, writing it, but i decided creepy was the way to go)

  9. tedyc03 says:

    This is a guy who was on the phone helping me out well past 1 AM one time. He’s dedicated. I couldn’t believe it when *I* wanted to get off the phone because I was tired.

  10. organicgardener says:

    Anyone who has comments forwarded to him and then tries to actually do something about it is OK in my book. Give him a raise!

  11. STrRedWolf says:

    Check for the TWiT podcast episode marked “Comcast Cares”. Leo Laporte got Frank to go on the show.

    I blame Google for the creepiness.

  12. comcastcares says:

    This just made my day! It is always a please when I make it to the Consumerist! Yes I am real and it is my real name. You should check out the ABC clip to. I can talk in more than 140 characters. Thank you everyone for the feedback and we are working hard to improve.

    By the way, why is a big deal made out of responding to public comments. I can’t figure that one out. Oh well have a great day.

    Frank Eliason
    @ComcastCares on Twitter

  13. v12spd says:

    I dont think thats creepy at all, its not like hes monitoring your chats or other posts, hes looking for aggravated customers venting about comcast, and working to resolve their grievances. Which is a lot more than you can say about most Customer Service departments. I like this proactive approach. Especially since I’m signing up for another year in Cambridge *crosses fingers* nothing bad sooo far (except for HD bandwidth throttling).

  14. Yurei says:

    I almost want to send this guy an email asking, “Are you real? Like really, do you exist? Really, really exist? A comcast employee that gives a damn?”

    Holy crap, it’s the messiah at last!

  15. alice_bunnie says:

    I’m actually surprised that he is actually just one person. He sure was good responding promptly to the times we’ve needed him. My husband is the one that’s dealt with him, and has even spoken on the phone with him once or twice. We were just dealing with him on a second issue just Weds, and things were over and done with relatively painlessly! ;)

  16. RabbitDinner says:

    Holy smokes, Batman!

  17. Phishy says:

    Comcast (read: Frank) does have a sense of humor! Thanks ahead of time (assuming Comcast has a hiccup and you cater to my rants and raves)!

  18. brianala says:

    Frank is awesome. This is the best thing Comcast has going for it. Keep up the good work, Frank!

  19. privateer says:

    Comcast, and seemingly even the reporter, want me to have a warm, fuzzy feeling by the end of the NYT story. But really it’s more like the warm, fuzzy feeling of an anaesthetic. Lulled into submission, I can’t fight back against the pain and end up just mumbling in a half-conscious state until I pass out. When I wake up, all the pain eventually comes back.

    “Good night, Sweet Customer,” purred the distant, bodiless voice. I drifted into dreamland.

    It was the end of a day full of angry calls and online rants. My cable TV still didn’t work, but the white noise in the background and the knowledge my Comcast care manager was on the job soothed my battered consumer’s soul.

    “Good night, Frank, wherever you are,” I whispered. “Good night.”

  20. mike says:

    LOL stands for Laughs Out Loud? Woah! When did we start abbrv. words on the intertubes?

    Frank, you are the thin sliver of light in an otherwise cosmic vacuum of suck. NASA should be sent to study how you can survive in such an environment.

    Seriously, why can’t all reps be like you?

  21. highmodulus says:

    Maybe, just maybe, they should hire a couple more “Franks”. Based on the principle of “if it works well, do more of it”.

    Of course, for BoA and Best Buy, they think “screwing your customers royally, on purpose” works well, so the principle does have its limitations. . .

    Have Comcast for several years, took over for Adelphia “run by a den of now jailed thieves” Cable. No issues, but then I haven’t tried to change anything either.

  22. RandomZero says:

    Next week, an expose: Frank is Kibo!

  23. SalMinella says:

    Comcast universal remote provides MISinformation regarding the procedure to program your TV.

    Would it shock anyone to learn Comcast has proven incapable of directing me to the department or person to correct their mistake? I received a call back from “executive care” and this buffoon was more interested in debating whether or not it was necessary to press SET UP after entering the correct code than addressing the problem. Jacob promised to confer with a “comcast expert” regarding the correct procedure and respond via email. He never responded of course.

    THE PROBLEM: The most recent product instructions fail to instruct customer to push SETUP to lock-in the correct code. The instructions fail to mention to necessary step after you have found the correct code from the codes provided.