6 Plants That Will Grow Almost Anywhere

Imagine how much money you could save by growing your own herbs or cherry tomatoes? That’s just one of the benefits you can reap by using this list by Leslie Land, blogger for the Daily Green and lead author of “1000 Gardening Questions and Answers.” All you need is some water, a safe outdoor spot and you’re in business, according to Land. Check out some of our favorite easy-to-grow plants, inside…

1. Herbs – While many herbs need sun, Land suggests growing parsley, which tolerates partial shade, and mint, which likes things a bit shadier. Land adds that in addition to being a wonderful fresh herb (don’t forget to use those sweet stems!), giant flat leaf parsley also makes an excellent filler for flower arrangements.

2. Cherry Tomatoes – If you have a sunny spot, enough space for a whiskey barrel-sized container, and a 5-foot support, try planting an “indeterminate” cherry tomato plant. This plant will keep getting bigger all summer. Land points out you’ll get a lot more yield for your space compared to a regular tomato plant.

5. Coral Bells – Land says these are beautiful even when they’re not flowering. They’re a great decorative option and they do best in partial shade. Land emphasized these would grow anywhere. “Even Alaska?,” I asked. “Well,” she answered, “parts of it.”

Check out TheDailyGreen’s article for the full list.

What are some of your favorite low-maintenance plants?

6 Plants That Will Grow (Almost) Anywhere
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