Comcast Goes "Above And Beyond" By Taking 6 Weeks To Realize They Never Ran Your Cable Lines

The Washington Post is the latest paper to attempt the problem of just why and how Comcast is able to suck as hard and as consistently as they do. They run through the usual suspects (too much emphasis on growth, Brian “Comcatastophe” Roberts makes $20 million a year, too much competition, not enough competition, people watch videos, it’s Wednesday, I love lamp, etc.). Whatever the reason for Comcast’s suckage, its not accidental, and we’re thoroughly bored with the excuses, but we did enjoy the article for its obligatory “bad customer experience” anecdote — in which Comcast characterizes itself as going “above and beyond” for the consumer.

After five weeks, 20 calls, a day off work and three visits that ended without any idea why Bayes couldn’t get service, Comcast found the solution to this head-scratcher of a problem: The company hadn’t run cable lines to Bayes’s house.

…Bayes, a membership specialist for the National Rifle Association, said his problem began before the first service agent came to his home. The new-home specialist should have been able to tell Bayes there was no service to his new home from the first call, he said. None of the many other service representatives caught that error for weeks.

Comcast installed a line from the neighborhood hub to his home almost six weeks after his first call.

“We went above and beyond for him,” [Spokeswoman Jenni Moyer] said.

But that wasn’t enough for Bayes. Last week, he switched providers.

“Above and beyond?” Seriously?

Call the Cable Guy. Again. [Washington Post] (Thanks, Brian!)
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  1. synimatik says:

    I suppose they would also be doing him a favor by supplying him with the cable channels he was being billed for.

  2. chris101d says:

    Its comcast…are we surprised.

    They are trying to score some last minute votes in the Bracket.

  3. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    They DID go above and beyond. Above and beyond doing nothing at all.

    Sometimes you get an A just for showing up.

  4. moeman1024 says:

    Yeah they went to the houses on the hill above his and the house beyond that, but, not to his house.

  5. JN2 says:

    It’s the least Comcast could do. And never let it be said that Comcast didn’t do, the least they could do.

  6. MyPetFly says:

    Apparently Jenni Moyer has been drinking the Kool Aid from the office water cooler.


  7. Trai_Dep says:

    Damn Comcast. They’re worst than Diebold in Ohio. Will they stop at nothing to win the Golden Turd? NOTHING?!

  8. Doctor Cathattan says:

    Hmmm. Yesterday ABC News did a piece on Twitter helping out a Comcast user (no mention of though). >:0


    Comcast CSR Frank Eliason is mentioned in the piece too.

  9. afrix says:

    They pissed off someone who works for the NRA?


  10. warf0x0r says:

    It sucks that comcast is going up against the mortgage lender most responsible for the sub-prime loan problems we’re now facing or they would win, hands down, worst company in America.

  11. Youthier says:

    Okay, Comcast has never personally wronged (except for not telling me that they left my gate open so my dog escaped) but the above and beyond sealed my vote for them.

  12. iambeaker says:

    A bit off subject, but I applied to work at Comcast, as I wanted to be someone that hopefully would help Comcast flip their image around into a more customer-centric company. I have worked with call centers before with “flipping” their customer service attitudes. The surprise is that they have not responded…

  13. MyPetFly says:


    Is the Golden Turd Award going to the company with the worst customer service, or the worst company overall?


    I hope you found your dog…

  14. I’m really glad we’re bringing the “Comcatastrophe” back.

  15. citybuddha says:

    I think she meant they went above the ground and beyond the pole when they finally installed the cable.
    Oh, i get it now, Simple english from simple folks.

  16. MountainCop says:

    Comcast obviously took this ‘very seriously…’

  17. blackmage439 says:

    For the past year, I had been receiving Comcast mail for someone who didn’t live in my apartment. I even sent back one or two envelopes that looked like bills. Finally, one day Comcast sends a notice that tells me that “in a recent audit, there’s an active cable line running to my apartment that hasn’t had an account attached to it in months.” Looks like they finally got the message.

    I should note that I have Wide Open West, and there was definitely no signal coming into my apartment when I moved in. Way to stay on top of things, Comcast!

  18. sleze69 says:

    What’s the relevance of mentioning Bayes’ association with the NRA?

  19. MyPetFly says:


    “What’s the relevance of mentioning Bayes’ association with the NRA?”

    Comcast + NRA – shooting = restraint : )

  20. tedyc03 says:

    NOW can you people elect Comcast the world’s worst company?

  21. Yurei says:

    Yes, they went ‘above and beyond’ alright. Above and beyond their normal efforts to make your life absolutely miserable.

    Congratulations Comcast, that has to be a world book setting record of not getting someone’s service call fixed.

    Then again… maybe not knowing them D:

  22. Youthier says:

    @MyPetFly: Yes, I did. Actually, I watched him run out the gate. We had just moved to a new neighborhood with a busy road so all my neighbors came out to watch me run and scream like a moron after my dog, who was eager to check out the neighborhood.

    So Comcast didn’t lose my dog, they just gave me a reputation.

  23. u1itn0w2day says:

    Cable TV needs to be regulated just as hard if not harder than the traditional phone and electric companies not only because they are using the public right of ways and band width but they are in many respects an essential part of people’s lives for information and even phone service now.

    Record Keeping sucks at Comcast.A complete audit of their records such as what they are charging customers for and what and how much they are putting in the records.We’re still being charged for the orginal boxes from 20 years ago even though they were turned in years ago.This is as bad as customers being charged for or renting phones after the phone company break up in the 1980s.-what the heck are you paying for?

    But alot of Comcasts problems come from lack of scrutiny from the local public utility commissions and FCC.Comcast’s records period need to be AUDITED.How can Comcast not know wether they even have plant in a neighborhood-if for nothing else to stay even with the competition.They might even be cheating the tax collectors using plant not on record yet but they might be cheating themselves of revenue by not knowing what they have either.

    It is time to scrutinize the cable companies as hard if not harder than the Ma Bells.EVERYTHING needs to AUDITED if not regulated more.

  24. Dabigkid says:

    @u1itn0w2day: The article says, “Comcast installed a line from the neighborhood hub to his home almost six weeks after his first call.” Doesn’t seem like a “public right of ways” to me.

  25. jonworld says:

    This reminds me of the time that I was mowing the lawn and the mower cut the cable line that Comcast later claimed they “forgot” to re-bury under the ground after doing maintenance. How could they not realize there was a goddamn cable running over the sidewalk and through our lawn? Anyway, I had no TV or Internet for whole week.

  26. Cap'n Jack says:

    LOL at Comcast’s view of what it is to go “above and beyond”. I guess, considering some people pay for their service and never get service at all after 2 months, this could be considered above and beyond by Comcast standards.

  27. rellog says:

    @Dabigkid: Do you think the hubs “magically” appear? Of course they, and every other utility, uses public right of ways.

  28. privateer says:

    The fact that the spokeswoman claims what Comcast did to serve their customer was so impressive pretty much proves they suck at customer service. Do they really think 20 calls to fix a problem like this is acceptable? Taking that attitude in a public comment to one of the nation’s better media operations pretty much proves they suck at public relations. And the fact that several technicians missed that no line was installed pretty much proves they suck at troubleshooting.

    Comcast, you are on a ROLL.

  29. RosePetalPlace says:

    Comcast is the worst. I had a major ongoing problem with them, and after many wasted hours on the phone with customer service (including waiting on hold for over 20 minutes only to be HUNG UP ON), I e-mailed Rick Germano, their “Senior Vice President of Customer Operations” and a day or two later, I got a call from an actual customer service person (not one of the clueless reps, but an actual, like, nice, smart, manager-level person) in my area who took care of business. He gave me his direct # and everything, and was very responsive. If anyone wants his info, PM me.

  30. kapow! says:

    Comcast = Terrible = I don’t subscribe.

    We have Quest for Internet and *gasp* I don’t have cable at all. As long as people keep paying this company, they are going to get screwed…plain and simple.

  31. khiltd says:

    But they have a pudgy bald guy reading Twitter all day! They’re doing everything they can!

  32. awolcfh5150 says:

    Service like this is why little old ladies walk into your local Comcast office and begin bashing equipment with hammers. If someone were to walk into a Comcast office and begin beating the tar out of the employees, it’d be hard not to applaud the agressor.

  33. Sndtrkman says:

    @jonworld: That happened to me as well. Took them a week to fix and almost 4 weeks to bury the cable.

  34. UnicornMaster says:

    I’m changing my vote to Comcast, if only because it is a monopoly, they will continue to MAKE MONEY year after year and still give CRAPPY SERVICE. A lot of people are left without choices for Video and Internet and they are just told to put up with it. Give them the big DOOKEY award.

  35. nursetim says:

    They went “above and beyond” simple incompetence to outright idiocy.

  36. jackal676 says:

    @jonworld: “This reminds me of the time that I was mowing the lawn and the mower cut the cable line that Comcast later claimed they “forgot” to re-bury under the ground after doing maintenance. How could they not realize there was a goddamn cable running over the sidewalk and through our lawn?”

    I’d say it was just as easy for them to overlook it as it was for you.

    *Sorry for being a smartass.

  37. theblackdog says:

    Service like this is why Montgomery County, MD should be fining them like they did with Verizon.

    Too bad I live in PG County, but maybe I can convince my city and county to take a look at their agreement with Comcast and reconsider letting these clowns operate in our area.

  38. msbluesky says:

    Didn’t the FCC issue new requirements that allow for market choice for cable providers? Maybe I’m crazy, but I though I read something about this in the New York Times last fall.

    I am about to move to the Boston area and Comcast is the “only provider” I can use there, according to the other companies I’ve called.

    I use Time Warner Cable currently and while they have their own issues, they pale in comparison to the crappiness of Comcast. My parents currently have Comcast (Comcast bought out their cable provider, but I don’t remember who they had previously) and Comcast has proceeded to have one problem after another (first, when the switchover occurred, my parents were told that they couldn’t get cable at all because they didn’t have cable service. . . um what? they live in the capital city of a state – not in anything remotely rural or even really suburban – and they previously had cable. . .oops! when Comcast realized they goofed, then they messed up their billing, came out and did some sort of “line work” that proceeded to cut the telephone lines for their entire neighborhood, improperly cut off my parents’ internet, you name it). And of course it looks like Comcast is about to get the golden shit trophy.

    Anyone know about this new FCC rule/change? And what I can do (I can’t get sattelite w/ my apartment building) to avoid Comcast?

  39. nursetim says:

    But he wasn’t the one doing the maintenance, the Comcast guy who pulled it out in the first place was.

  40. quickstrike says:

    You know what’s really funny, I’m enjoying Family Guy ON Demand and surfing on their internet while my girlfriend is on their phone all of which has not stopped working since date of install and has been reliable AND my bill is exactly as it should be.

    seriously I do feel bad about this guy 6 weeks is crazy!!

  41. dottat1 says:

    So two anti-comcast posts since the voting started…

    and still Countrywide/Bank of America is costing me BIG money……

  42. LittleEnosBurdette says:

    Once AT&T brought uVerse into town, I dropped Comcast faster than I dropped my ex wife. And I’m happy with the results of both!

  43. Ha ha. I love how their spokesperson has the nerve to say they went “above and beyond” while knowing she won’t have to answer to ANYONE about that statement. I want her job.

  44. shufflemoomin says:

    @jonworld: You’ve lost me. How could YOU not have noticed there was a cable over the sidewalk and over your lawn? It’s YOUR lawn and you’re standing right there. Mowing it. Poetic justice.

  45. RabbitDinner says:

    And this is exactly why I continue to get DSL from the local phone company as opposed to them. PS3, netflix, bittorrent, who needs comcast?

  46. Nakko says:

    With less-compressed HD channels available for free over the air, plenty of other entertainment options like Netflix, online streaming, iTunes / AppleTV movie downloads, and many more, we should all realize that cable is the way of the past.
    It deserves to die a slow death; let the internet reign!