Midwest Airlines is cutting 1/3 of its flights. [620wtmj]


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  1. prag says:

    I think going from 118 to 90 flights means they are dropping 1/4 of their flights not 1/3.

  2. jonworld says:

    Too bad…Midwest is one of the few great airlines left. I’ve been very satisfied every time I’ve flown Midwest. And back in the stone ages when airlines actually served meals, Midwest’s food was quite delicious. My dad was on a Midwest flight ten years or so ago where they served lobster.

  3. sir_eccles says:


  4. KlausKinsky says:

    The midwest airlines of today is NOTHING like what it used to be. These closings aren’t too surprising either since they have been acting more and more like the bigger airlines with crappier service.

    I’m glad they are cutting their Midwest Connect flights serviced by SkyWest with the Midwest name which is THE SINGLE WORST carrier.

    Looks like since AirTran couldn’t buy them, they are killing them in the marketplace.

  5. jrobie says:

    Aw hell. This was the best way to get to the Midwest. Anyone remember 10 years ago when they had free champagne to go with the free cookies?

  6. LogicalOne says:

    Before airfares skyrocket to 10x what they are now, will someone PLEASE invent a jet engine that will run on coal?

  7. Rusted says:

    @LogicalOne: There was a turbine engined locomotive that ran on coal. I think the big problem was the accelerated erosion of the turbine blades and the ash.