AT&T Will Roll Out Tiered Internet Access In October

If you stream movies or other high-bandwidth content and you’re an AT&T customer, get ready to pay more later this year. AT&T will introduce tiered Internet access packages this October, said one of their executives yesterday at an FCC hearing.

“When AT&T provides broadband service by speed, it will do so in discrete, non-overlapping tiers,” Quinn said in written testimony. “We will strive to provide service within the speed tier purchased by the customer and, if we find that we are not providing service within the ordered speed tier, AT&T will take action either to bring the customer’s service within the ordered tier or give the customer an option to move to a different tier.”

There’s actually no word on pricing yet, but we’re going to make a bold, brave prediction that you’ll pay more than your current package for the better tiers.

“AT&T To Create Tiered Internet Access For Subscribers” [CNN Money]
(Photo: Getty)

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