Upgrade FiOs Speeds From 5/2 To 10/2

Verizon FiOs recently doubled its download speed for consumer and small businesses from 5 to 10mb, but reader Lindsay says she wasn’t automatically upgraded. Luckily, if you’re in the same boat, you can upgrade by calling 800-688-2880, entering the phone number on your account, pressing 3, then 5, then 2. Lindsay writes, “I got to a rep very quickly and she got everything switched. It cost me $3 more due to a rate change since I signed up, but that’s not too much to ask for double the download speed.”


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  1. Letsgohokies says:

    Damn you FIOS for not being available in my area

  2. Sidecutter says:

    I thought Fiber internet was supposed to be the be all, end all. But we’ve only got cable internet here (other than DSL) and they *started* at 6Mb 8 years ago…it’s been 10Mb for years now.

    WTH, Fiber?

  3. theblackdog says:

    This is doubled across the board right, not just in certain regions?

    My BF’s parents just got FiOS installed recently, so I should find out.

  4. kchenx says:

    As far as I know, this upgrade isn’t automatic. You have to upgrade your service, which for some people will mean an increase in their monthly fee. However it’s an increase of $39.99 to $42.99 for most people and like she said above, $3 more ain’t bad for double the speed.

    Funny thing is that Verizon quickly changed their online advertising to remove the words, “Double the Speed for the Same Price!” once people started complaining.

  5. Tmoney02 says:

    @Sidecutter: the 10MB connection is the slowest connection FIOS offers. If you want you can get the 50Mb down/ 20 mb up connection. I drool just thinking about it.

  6. Tmoney02 says:

    @theblackdog: looks like it. The main nationwide fios page doesn’t offer a 5mb connection. 10mb is the minimum.

  7. azzie says:

    === !!! BEWARE !!! ===

    I did such FiOS “upgrade” a month ago and was charged $139.99 for “Wireless router” + $7.00 tax, even though I have never ordered this router (I already have one from Verizon from initial setup).

    Called Verizon twice, they admitted mistake but still have not issued a refund.


  8. Ein2015 says:

    @Letsgohokies: Amen. Next time I’m shopping for an apartment, a HUUUUGE selling factor will be if it has FIOS or not.

  9. Shrink_Ray_Bandit says:

    I still have the “regular” package I signed up for when Fios was first made available in my area 15/4. $55 a month, guess I’m lucky…

  10. Did Lindsey do some online speeds tests before the upgrade and after to see if there is actually a difference she is getting for $3 more?

  11. dawime says:

    The $3 only applies if you have phone service with them. If you just have FIOS, it jumped more than $10, and the 5/2 service is currently not an option for you to sign up for, so you are stuck with 10mb (even if you dont want it), and still want to pay for the 5mb.
    So not a great deal if you were happy with the $40/month internet, and now have to pay over $50/month for something you may not even want.
    As far as the upgrades being optional – they are migrating everyone to that, so sooner or later you will have to pay or cancel.

  12. @heavylee-again: yes I did. and when I got home that night, my d/l speeds were right at 10. my u/l speeds never quite got to 2, but they didn’t before.

  13. wesrubix says:

    I just called and got my mom’s service upgraded. She was paying $42.99/mo for 5/2. In order to get the upgrade at the same price, you do need verizon home phone service, but the verizon phone home service does not need to change in anyway. And if someone at Verizon tells you otherwise, they are trying to swindle you.

    I called up about 15 minutes ago and got some melon head who tried to convince me that we had to change our long distance service to verizon. I saw absolutely nothing on the verizon pricing website that said that–only that you had to have existing verizon home phone line service. So I asked him if he could mail us documentation that said so, he said yes (probably just to get me off the phone) and I said bye to him.

    I called up again using the customer service number I got from the verizonfios.com home page for our state, and the person I talked to was much more helpful. I liked the way she spoke and introduced herself as “Mrs. [something or other]” which I found entertaining. Anyway, she explained that all you need is to bundle the services (mommy has fios phone, tv, and internet, but they’re not bundled) so she can get the upgraded speed. I double checked if there was any changes required to the home phone or any service, and she said “oh no, it just stays the same.” Any change to long distance? “oh no, that doesn’t need to change either. We’ll just bundle them.” Mrs. so and so proceeded to do the math out and find out if we would save money bundling anyway.

    Sometimes you get a bad egg. If it sounds fishy, it probably is.

    Thanks for the reminder about the FIOS speed upgrades, Consumerist!

  14. Jorel says:

    6MB cable, 6Mb DSL and 6Mb fiber (or xMb) are not the same in terms of speeds by any means.

  15. BadAxe says:

    Verizon offers the 10/2 as a base level at $42.99. They can provide up to 50Mbps.

    And as a point of clarification, 6Mb cable or 6Mb DSL is the same as 6Mb fiber. It gets tricky when cable companies offer speeds that “burst” up to 10Mb, which is not the same thing as a 10Mb connection.

    Remember, too, we’re talking about Megabits per second, not Megabytes. 1 Megabyte (MB – capital “B”) = 8 Megabits (Mb – lowercase “b”)

    Megabits are generally used to measure throughput and Megabytes are commonly used to measure storage capacity.

  16. donkeyjote says:

    @Jorel: 6Mb Dsl and 6Mb Fiber are the same speed. 6MB cable is faster though…

  17. Erm, is that as good as FIOS gets? How disappointing. My cable, here in Ireland of the dramatically poor communications, is 20mbit, and they do a lot better on the continent…

    I had the vague idea that FIOS was this amazing 100mbit/sec thing.

  18. Tmoney02 says:

    @Robert Synnott: well there is 50mbs down 20 up. but no 100mbs. not yet at least. Considering the vast majority people’s current speed in america, 50mbs is insane.

  19. rlee says:

    Yup, I happened to be on the phone with a FiOS rep about an unrelated account issue (phone/internet bundle; I haven’t gotten TV yet), and she said she’d bump the speed too. I said, “yeah, I’d heard about the increase and wondered why Verizon hadn’t sent me anything.” She explained that the bump’s not automatic, you have to ask.

  20. DustoMan says:

    Charter does this too. I had to call once 10Mbits was introduced in my area to get bumped up to that, then again to go from 10 to 16 Mbits.

  21. Ken says:

    I can see how it would be really beneficial for businesses. Sure beats T1 connections.

  22. liquidcourage says:

    I’ve been using the 15/2 plan for the past month and I can’t tell the difference from the Comcast service that I had previously been using.

  23. Adisharr says:

    I just upped my Roadrunner service from 10Mb/768k to 15Mb/1Mb. It’s been really solid and my usenet server is able to saturate the connection.

    It’s too bad TW owns Roadrunner – I hear caps coming to town soon :(