Microsoft Left A Sheet Of Stickers Inside My XBOX 360

Of all the good places to store a sheet of stickers, “inside someone else’s refurbished XBOX 360” is fairly low on the list. Maybe even at the very bottom. Unfortunately for reader Nick, Microsoft appears to be using his XBOX as sticker storage. Read Nick’s letter inside.

So last week I sent my Xbox 360 to be repaired due to the RRoD, the 2nd time it has happened since I bought the system in November 2006. It initially RRoD’d around 9 months after the purchase date, then was sent in and repaired. It started freezing again last week and then RRoD’d, and I sent it in for repair #2. I just received my system back today and started looking through the vents to see if it was a 65nm Opus repaired system, and then realized somehow there was a piece of paper with labels on it left inside of my system. I’ve called support now, had my case escalated to level 2 while speaking with a supervisor (who had never heard of this happening before), but was told I will not hear back from them for 48hrs.

Nick sent a bunch of pictures taken through the vent holes of his XBOX. This is the clearest one. Looks suspiciously like a sheet of stickers to us. Whoops. Guess the surgeon left a sponge inside, huh?

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