Grocery Shrink Ray Goes Down Under, Attacks Aussie Sprunch Hairspray

Looks like the Grocery Shrink Ray took a working vacation down under this summer. Reader Meg tells us that her redesigned Aussie Sprunch hairspray shriveled from 12 ounces to 10.2 ounces. Gone too is an adorable yellow kangaroo, mercilessly consumed, we presume, by the insatiable Grocery Shrink Ray.

Meg writes:

Bought new hairspray the other day, and didn’t notice until i got home that the new one had 15% less product in it for the same price. Bought this at ShopRite in NJ.

To keeping the public informed!

Notice how the tasty kangaroo was replaced by an eery “No Worries Guarantee.”

Careful mates, the Grocery Shrink Ray silently lurks everywhere; but from the looks of our ongoing poll, that’s how you like it, anyway. If you see a shrunken product, break out your camera and send your sighting to the tipline.


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  1. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    Did a dingo steal the kangaroo?

  2. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    I think a dingo stole my comment…Did one steal the extra kangaroo along with the 54 ml of hairspray?

  3. karmaghost says:

    I guess they figured one kangaroo was enough?

  4. Shrink_Ray_Bandit says:

    AHAHAHAHA! One step closer to completing my evil plan. 1.8oz hair spray is a key part of my diabolical world take over device!

  5. Shrink_Ray_Bandit says:

    wow, world-take-over-device should totally be hyphenated.

  6. matt314159 says:

    I’d hate to be accused of threadcrapping, but the grocery shrink-ray is starting to get a little bit tiresome.

  7. azntg says:

    Crikey mate! Where’d the 1.8 fl. oz. disappear to?

  8. x2ms says:

    The grocery shrink ray seems to be having a more standardizing effect as well. The old bottle was based on imperial 12oz with an odd amount of ml @ 354 ml. The new bottle is based on metric @ 300 ml with the imperial 10.2oz.

  9. B says:

    @Shrink_Ray_Bandit: Fortunately I’ve managed so far to keep the Wonderflonium out of your hands.

  10. Amy Alkon000 says:

    Friends are still thanking me for telling them, a few years ago, to use dog shampoo, specifically Buddy Wash shampoo and conditioner. It is low-lather — per what the “couturier of hair,” Leonor Greyl of Paris told me dries out hair — and pretty much mimics the effect I get with Greyl’s products, but costs nothing by comparison (19 fluid oz. for about $8 at

  11. Amy Alkon000 says:

    Oh, I mean using dog shampoo on human hair, in case that was unclear. P.S. The stuff smells really great. Lavender scented – real lavender’y smelling, not chemically, either.

  12. zarembisty says:

    @matt314159: couldn’t agree more – do we really need a daily list of items that have shrunk? I dread coming to consumerist these days because I’m sure to come across yet another post about company changing the size of their package. It’s been said time and time again, most people would much prefer to have a smaller size and same price than a higher price. What would you notice more: the 1.8 ounces of missing hair spray or a 30 cent increase in price? If they just kept increasing prices there would be a lot of bitching and moaning about how unaffordable everything is these days. I would rather get much of something than have my grocery bill increase to the levels where I have to start removing items I actually want because I’m paying for quantities I don’t need.
    I still get annoyed though, when companies decrease the size of the product when they introduce some cool new packaging (that’s right, Tropicana – I’m talking about you and your awesome new pitcher-like container that’s also smaller than the previous incarnation of the same product).
    I wish consumerist introduced some kind of a way to disable seeing certain type of posts (based on tags or something) so I could spare myself from reading about the Evil Grocery Shrink Ray several times a day.

  13. Pengus says:

    @zarembisty: Really you dread it you must have an awesome life then. Come on its a Sunday there’s no real news give them a break

  14. Fredex says:

    In the conversion to metric, they rounded down to 300 rather than up to 400.

  15. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    The more people complain the more I like these Grocery Shrink Ray articles. Hooray!

  16. damitaimee says:

    is there any chance consumerist writers might let their readers take a poll to see whether or not they should just do weekly entries of items that have suffered the shrink ray?

    i ask this because it seems like EVERYDAY there are at least 2 posts about items that have shrunk. i don’t feel that any of this is news now. Everything is shrinking. A single weekly post will still keep us informed but not have a whole post dedicated to one single item. I feel like I opened up this post and all it says is, “aussie product – less product – same price – new logo” which really doesn’t tell me much of anything.

  17. damitaimee says:

    @zarembisty: LOL in my email to Tropicana months ago they went on and on about how WONDERFUL their new bottle is because now children can pour their OWN orange juice. they said that they spent two years researching this new bottle design and that it was a HIGH demand item. this is the reason they gave me for their shrinking bottles.

  18. cloud-on-a-bike says:

    This shrinking took effect a long time ago, I think back in March is when I first noticed that the big bottles of this stuff was in the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart…After that it was a while before the product was back on the shelf again in the new size (and I noticed this was the case at K-Mart and CVS as well). At anyrate, I’m sure the people that use this product regularly (such as myself) were already aware of the size difference when it disappeared from the shelves for a while. Not exactly news…

  19. smash says:

    Um, yeah, I don’t know how often this girl buys new hair product, but the Aussie stuff has been redesigned (and shrank) for over a year now.

  20. chiieddy says:

    @Amy Alkon: Horse shampoo works too. My sister used to use it when she was working with horses and she liked the affect. Personally, I use LUSH products, mainly because it has the only shampoo I’ve ever tried that manages to keep my hair from looking greasy at the end of the day (high oil content)

  21. chiieddy says:

    @smash: Hairspray lasts a long time. I may buy 2 bottles a year, if. I don’t even use it during the summer.

  22. Shrink_Ray_Bandit says:

    @damitaimee: Two a day?!?! I WISH I could get two steps finished everyday!! Reports of my evil accomplishments seem to come about one every two days or so.

  23. nsv says:

    What’s a Sprunch?

  24. mmejanvier says:

    It’s kind of a given, what with the whole ‘running out of an abundant supply and cheap fuel’ thing that the cost associated with producing and distributing ALL consumer goods are going to rise. Move on.

    I think we’re all overlooking the real crime here: That hideous goddamn font on the new bottle.

  25. Nofsdad says:

    I don’t get it. Instead of simply passing over posts you think are superfluous or redundant or otherwise a waste of your time, you painstakingly read every one of them so you can bitch and complain in comments about them being superfluous or redundant?

    Consumerists just puts what THEY feel is relevant on THEIR OWN site. A lot of it doesn’t interest me either but I simply don’t read the ones I’m not interested in. It’s entirely up to you how much time you waste on the individual articles.

  26. num1skeptic says:

    @matt314159: @zarembisty: @damitaimee: Consumerist has clearly stated that the gsr posts are about creating a database. They want to create the largest known database. Kinda like how whenever I need a corporate e-mail, or phone number, I do a Consumerist search before any other search engines. They want readers to be able to type in a product with gsr attached to it to see if it has been affected by the gsr. I rarely comment on any posts, which is apparently impossible for others to do. I do however read all posts because I like to, but if you see that it is a gsr post then why even click on it just to comlain?

  27. AMetamorphosis says:

    I seriously wish the SHRINK-RAY would hit The Consumerist so I could read 1.5 LESS stories about this boring topic.

    Condense these articles … they are becoming boring and the only interesting conversation Consumerist is getting out of these posts is people requesting that they be condensed.

  28. The entire conceit of this “shrink ray” nonsense is that companies should keep their products the same size and apparently not raise the price (or be punished in a “price tag growth ray” post). This, of course, is ludicrous, as anyone with an even basic understand of economics should know.

  29. joellevand says:

    @The Count of Monte Fisto: Nuh uh! Clearly, profit will come from Heaven, just like how the government can consider a second round of rebate stimulus checks with money that God or the FSM or someone will provide!

  30. Ubik2501 says:

    “Sprunch” sounds like it should have been a sound effect on the original Batman TV show.