Grocery Shrink Ray Goes Down Under, Attacks Aussie Sprunch Hairspray

Looks like the Grocery Shrink Ray took a working vacation down under this summer. Reader Meg tells us that her redesigned Aussie Sprunch hairspray shriveled from 12 ounces to 10.2 ounces. Gone too is an adorable yellow kangaroo, mercilessly consumed, we presume, by the insatiable Grocery Shrink Ray.

Meg writes:

Bought new hairspray the other day, and didn’t notice until i got home that the new one had 15% less product in it for the same price. Bought this at ShopRite in NJ.

To keeping the public informed!

Notice how the tasty kangaroo was replaced by an eery “No Worries Guarantee.”

Careful mates, the Grocery Shrink Ray silently lurks everywhere; but from the looks of our ongoing poll, that’s how you like it, anyway. If you see a shrunken product, break out your camera and send your sighting to the tipline.

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