Why Do iPod Headphones Cost $49.99 At Best Buy and $29.99 At The Apple Store?

Reader Nick doesn’t want you to pay too much for Apple iPod headphones, so he’s asked us to let you know that Best Buy is charging $49.99 for basic white iPod earbuds and they’re only $29.99 at the Apple Store. Let it be known that Best Buy is not the best place to buy accessories.

I was at my local Best Buy the other day and started to take a look around the Apple section. Well, it turns out that Best Buy is trying to take advantage of their uninformed customers by marking up Apple’s iPod headphones by $20! I’ve included two attachments, the first is the picture I took at the Best Buy store and the second is of the same exact headphones on Apple’s website. I hope that you can shed some light on this and hopefully save some shoppers from paying too much.

Thanks, Nick. We recommend that you always check the internet before you buy accessories for your electronics — this includes things like cables, headsets, universal remotes, whatever!

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