AOL Repackages Personal Finance Content, Names It WalletPop

AOL just launched a personal finance website called WalletPop. It’s a combination of news feeds, blog entries, and a ton of calculators (which I just bookmarked in my “tools” folder). Mashable seems to like it—they write that digging through the content can be confusing, but there are some “nifty services such as deal finders and tax forms.” ArsTechnica is underwhelmed:

Apart from the quite adequate assortment of calculators, it’s all a big heap of plain-Jane articles slotted into categories by simple tags.

…maybe you’re better off thinking of it as a fat news feed, packed with ads and a layout that can get tiresome for long articles.


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  1. ideagirl says:

    I am going to take a stab in the dark here and say, from the lack of comment response, the Ars is not the only one underwhelmed by WalletPop

  2. Meh, I’m sticking with

    who needs a bunch of calculators and random advice when you can just look and see where your money is going.

  3. hc5duke says:

    I’m not sure what they mean by “launched” but this site has been part of AOL’s “Weblogs Inc.” for a while, at least several months. I guess they must have been in some “beta” mode, since the site looks a little bit different (more cluttered, crappier) now.

  4. str1fe says:

    I think the real news here is that AOL still has 1.2 million customers.

  5. razremytuxbuddy says:

    Next I’d like to see a text message spammer put away. I can recommend one or two potential defendants.

  6. GabriellaRullus says:

    actually while i am not into its brown and orange (blech), the site looks really interesting. ton of stuff on it. but not hard to navigate. ars technica…now there’s a crappy site