Netflix Says "I Do" To Microsoft's Xbox Live

During their press briefing at E3, Microsoft announced that they have entered a partnership with Netflix, according to MSNBC. The (unholy) union means that starting this fall, Xbox users will be able to view streaming videos from Netflix’s collection, however, they may only select from the 10,000 movies and shows which are available online and not the complete DVD library which includes some 100,000 titles. Microsoft has been touting this new service as free, however, that’s not completely true. Details, inside…

In order to use the new service, users will need to be an Xbox Gold-level member which costs $50 a year. Naturally, they will also need a Netflix membership, but it has to be above the base $4.99 membership level.

The article says,

Confirming another pervasive rumor, the software upgrade will let users create avatars (which look a heck of a lot like Miis on the Nintendo Wii) and invite their friends to a “Live Party.” The Netflix partnership means that users can also invite their friends to watch movies with them too — something that has a few attendees here pretty excited.

“I like the idea of being able to be in a game, talking with friends and someone will say something like ‘I’ve never seen Office Space.’ And thinking that I could go, stop the game and make that person watch ‘Office Space’ with me,” says Edie Sellers, contributor to podcast site GameHounds.

Netflix has been like a pure virginal daughter to us at The Consumerist. We feel as if Microsoft, the biggest slimeball in town, is whisking away our daughter for a wild trip to Vegas where we know she will ultimately be deflowered. Their union fills us with worry and a sense of dread which emanates from the pit of our stomach. Don’t you hurt our daughter, Microsoft, or we’ll f’ng kill you.

Microsoft partners with Netflix on Xbox Live [MSNBC]
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