If you worked at Fry’s Electronics between March ’02 and July ’07, you can participate in a newly announced class action settlement. You should be contacted directly, but you can also download the settlement and claim form from here. [FrysForum] (Thank to Luis!)


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  1. scoobydoo says:

    Sounds like they are as crap to their staff as they are to their customers…

  2. watduck says:

    @scoobydoo: Fry’s isn’t a place that is known for good customer service. It *is* a place to find good deals on electronics, if you know what you’re looking for.

  3. PsychicPsycho3 says:

    This is gonna get interesting.

  4. FrysForum.com says:

    You guys should join in on the forum at http://www.FrysForum.com you can discuss many things including this settlement and many other things relating to Fry’s Electronics. – FrysForum.com Admin

  5. rinse says:

    An illustration of Fry’s customer service: I picked out this item I wanted to get, but couldn’t find it on the shelf — apparently they were sold out. Better to ask, though, right? So I enlisted the help of an employee in that department. He proceeds to eyeball the shelf for the item, which I had already done, and proceeds to hand me an incorrect item.

    Once I explained that he handed me something completely unrelated, he gave up and said they’re out of stock. So, if you can look through a shelf, you are qualified to work at Fry’s. The end. ;)

    But as crice said, you can find some decent prices there (outside of mail-ordering).