Reach ATT Wireless Executive Customer Service

Here are the phone numbers to reach the AT&T Wireless Offices Of The President
Eastern States: 877-707-6220
Western States: 800-498-1912

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  1. blue_duck says:

    I heard all about how fun yesterday was with the new Iphones!

  2. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    I can’t get enough of those AT&T / Star Wars pictures.

  3. inkdracula says:

    There are just some times where I am glad I got there early.

  4. Woo hoo! Well, this just worked for the Missus. Sorted out our Account Preventing Us Getting an iPhone from Apple problem and no mistake. The bod actually called the local apple store and sorted it out for us in person. Nice.

  5. Peter Gray says:

    For Massachusetts residents the number is: 866-220-8446.

    Hope this helps people!

  6. Jon Sturm says:

    The Office of the President is a completely and utterly useless unit. They simply delegate back down to the incompetent person in; Customer Care, Warranty and Customer Retention departments. This is a failing company that has policies in place that insulate management from contact with customers, and supervisors who are completely apathetic to your particular issue. They read from scripts, talk over you, and ultimately don’t even begin to help with you problem. Having just hung up with “Office of the President”, I am now going to visit Verizon & T-Mobile in hopes of finding something different. I am an 11 year + customer of ATT and within 2 weeks will completely rid myself of this hemorrhoid of a company! Good riddance!

  7. NJTravelGal says:

    I agree totally with Jon. This company is the worst. I was with AT&T for 12 years. The never had one bit of trouble from me and I always paid on time. I had problems with reception and decided to check with Verizon. They gave me a little better deal than I was getting from AT&T so to be a “Loyal Customer” I decided to give them a chance to keep my business and see if they would give me the same deal as I would get from Verizon. They could have cared less and basically told me, too bad! Either take what we offer or out the door! And on top of that because I signed a 2 yr contract before the date that they started allowing you to pay $5 per month cancellation fee, they wanted me to pay the whole $175 cancellation fee, even though I only had 6 more months to go! Mind you, if someone had signed a contract with them 6 months after I did, they only had to pay $60 versus the $175 that I paid. I asked them numerous times(even speaking with supervisors) to take into account that I had been with them for 12 yrs and asked for the same consideration that they would give someone who was only with their company for 1 yr! Nope! No go, nada, zip… I signed that contract and I was on the hook for it, no matter that I had been a good, loyal customer for 12 yrs. So I left and went with Verizon (who, I might say, has been great! Better reception, and any problems with the phone, I just go into the store and they fix, with a smile!) So I decided to pay AT&T their money but at $25 per month. Well after 3 months they weren’t going to have any of that and they sent it to a collection agency with no notice whatsoever! Out of the blue, I get a call from the collection agency and of course, I pay it in full. Don’t want any problems with my credit! So then 2 weeks later, I get another bill from AT&T telling me I better pay up or they will send it to a collection agency. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper! One call later, with me telling them what a rotten company they have been to their loyal customer, they finally tell me that ‘oh it was a mistake, and it is paid in full’
    So, in conclusion, all I have to say is DO NOT GET Y0UR CELL PHONE SERVICE THROUGH AT&T, YOU WILL REGRET IT!!
    Be sure to tell all your friends and relatives, maybe one day, if people start to go to other companies, they will understand what customer service and customer loyalty is!

  8. Tvhargon says:

    err… is Iowa eastern or western?

  9. SAFireman says:

    Here are the phone numbers to reach the AT&T Wireless Offices Of The President
    Southern States: 877-734-0766

  10. Barbara says:

    ATT Wireless is a disgusting company that provides poor service and even worse customer service. They have no integrity, will force you to pay for services not rendered as promised, do not understand their contractual obligations. worse than dealing with the Mafia. And the iPhone makes it almost impossible to get your information off the device so you can go back to Verizon