No Shade For Sweaty Cleveland iPhone 3G Hopefuls

Reader Ron writes:

Folks waiting in line for an iPhone 3G at the Legacy Village Apple store near Cleveland, OH are being told by Legacy Village (the complex, not the Apple store) that they can’t wait in line on the sidewalk – even the sidewalk that doesn’t have storefronts on it. This is made worse by the fact that today is an unusually sunny day in Cleveland and the sidewalk is the only place where there is any shade!

It’s currently 82 degrees and sunny sunny sunny in beautiful Cleveland. Pack water and a parasol.

(Photo: TheeErin)


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  1. Zeniq says:

    Why? These people are going to spend money on a product in the Apple store, which pays rent to the complex. So… why can’t they utilize the complex as anyone else that may just be loitering?

  2. womynist says:

    So these customers are being accused of trespassing?

  3. consumersaur says:

    Wow. What jerks… Betcha another store complained.

  4. citybuddha says:

    I know that if it’s beautiful in Clevo and had the time to wait in a miserable line for a phone……..
    I would be doing something else to do with that time.
    It’s just a phone people!

  5. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    We’d all like to flee to The Cleve and club-hop down at the Flats and have lunch with Little Richard. But we fight those urges, because we have responsibilities.

  6. ManicPanic says:

    Hey but if any of you saw 23 cent pizza fiasco of 2008, then you know that Clevelanders will stand in line for lots of things…as opposed to working. The police from several different municipalities had to ARREST people (yes, arrest) because there were fights in the pizza lines.

  7. ManicPanic says:

    @Franklin Comes Alive!: well some us, such as you and I fight the urge. Also, good luck club-hopping as the East Bank has been razed. Shooters is still a happenin’ place though!

  8. blong81 says:

    It’s just a government control issue. There is someone with power and they felt like using it.


  9. tande04 says:

    @ManicPanic: The difference being 23 cents pizza was (I’m assuming) a one time thing.

    There will be iPhones tommorow, Sunday, and on and on for at least another year.

  10. christoj879 says:

    I don’t want to be near that woman with the Starbucks. Her eyes follow me.

  11. crabbyman6 says:

    awww, boo hoo, these guys have to wait for something they don’t NEED in the sun. They’re probably blocking the sidewalk with chairs and such and pissing the management off. I don’t really feel bad for these guys though as 82 degrees isn’t that hot and they could easily go home, they’re not forced to stand in line. Maybe they should get someone to hold their place in line and get in line for those little umbrella hats.

  12. syntheticlogic says:

    Glad I didn’t decide to head out there today, then. Though I’d bet the Gelato place right next door to the Apple store is doing some big business today…

  13. Zeniq says:

    Are there limited quantities of the 3G iPhone, or are there enough for everyone plus? I don’t get why you would stand in line for this either unless they were only available this morning or they had a shortage. Otherwise, come back tomorrow /in three days/ in a week/ never.

    Of course, this does not alter the fact that Legacy Village is being dumb. :)

  14. Lithium542 says:

    Apple users are brilliant enough to wear sweatshirts in the summer.


  15. camman68 says:

    The noon news in Wichita has already announced that all ATT stores are out of the new phone.

    (Not that it matters to me – I love punishment so I still have sprint! sero)

  16. Johnyalamo says:

    This economy is really going to hell in a handbasket. I haven’t seen lines like this since pictures of the Great Depression. This is serious guys. The economy is horrible. What’s next, lines for new BMW’s?

  17. tande04 says:

    @Zeniq: Nope no limited quantities. You might hear stories later about people getting turned away but thats not the end by any means. All the stores are supposedly getting a large shipment of phones for today, a smaller one they’ll get today to sell on Sat, and another large one to sell on Sunday and I guess hold them over for a bit.

    Bottom line if there are really stories by the end of the weekend about people who wanted one not getting one, I’d be really surprised.

  18. y2julio says:

    So they have to wait in the sun. Let me call the wahhhhmbulance.

  19. tmed says:

    They could get one tomorrow, or even through August, and still be considered early adopters.

    In September, though, the price cut will signal the end of early adopter status.

  20. Valhawk says:

    People who know anything about apple products know never to early adopt apple products. They will just screw you over again and again.

    So long story short, these people are whiny idiots.

  21. Canino says:

    82 whole degrees? Wow. Better have paramedics standing by.

  22. Orv says:

    @blong81: It ain’t the government, it’s the management of the privately-owned complex.

  23. woogychuck says:

    Most of these people are spending $200 on a phone that they spent $400 on less than a year ago, they probably aren’t too bright and it would be a benefit to the human race to loose a few to heat stroke.

    Or you could throw on a black turtleneck and tell them that they’re about to be part of the new iCancer beta test group.

  24. snoop-blog says:

    Me I’m looking forward to buying a samsung instinct.

  25. SuffolkHouse says:

    I’m no troll, but…

    Whaaaaaa…. I have to wait in the sun for my 3G iPhone.

    Just think of all the people who will die of curable illnesses in poorer places while the chubby one in the picture sucks down her venti latte.

  26. boss_lady says:

    Oy vey. They even look like yuppie scum.

  27. rellog says:

    @SuffolkHouse: I agree. These morons are willing to wait in line for a stupid cell phone, but I’d bet they’d never bother to do so to vote (if they even bother…) No sympathy here…

  28. rellog says:

    @Orv: He said “like the government” – not it WAS the government…

  29. MercuryPDX says:

    I don’t understand. They said there would be a shortage last launch, and (for the most part) there wasn’t. Is there any reason (aside from owning it first thing today) for waiting in line for one of these? Is it just fanboy/girl-ism as usual?

  30. snoop-blog says:

    so does the iphone still refuse to give you a sd slot?

  31. MercuryPDX says:

    @MercuryPDX: OK… question answered:

  32. Manok says:

    some of those people need to stand in line for the treadmil.

  33. Zeniq says:

    @tande04: I think you stand corrected.

  34. Matt says:

    Starbucks lady looks like she’s going to start shankin’ people if she doesn’t get her phone! Come stand in line in SLC in our stupid outdoor mall where it’s 98 degrees. 82 sounds pleasant to me!

  35. the_cleve says:

    Another funny thing about these people sweating in line is that this mall has an AT&T store maybe 100 yards away from the Apple store where they’re waiting.

  36. SuffolkHouse says:

    Starbucks lady came prepared to keep every drop of moisture and every damn calorie in her body. She love’s those iced mochas, just wishes she had a straw so the dribbles wouldn’t run down her chins.

  37. muledoggie says:

    OK, the picture shown with this post shows that the majority of people are wearing long sleeves and / or hoodies. If this how Clevelanders deal with heat, I have one comment: FAIL (or is this some random photo?)

  38. Anjow says:

    I wonder why David Brent (on the right) is in Cleveland queuing for an iPhone 3G.

  39. EBone says:

    @Matt: @SuffolkHouse: At least she is getting to hang out with Ricky Gervais!

  40. SinisterMatt says:


    Except it’s humid in Cleveland (I would imagine) whereas Salt Lake has drier air, so 82 in Utah “feels” less hot. At least to me.


  41. Notsewfast says:

    @Franklin Comes Alive!:
    If the whole world moved to their favorite vacation spots, then the whole world would live in Hawaii and Italy and Cleveland.

  42. Murph1908 says:

    Good observation.

    Also, most of the clothes are black, also not good for people whining that it’s too hot.

  43. EyeHeartPie says:

    I think Houston has this trumped. It’s about 100°F and at 50% humidity.

  44. Peeved Guy says:

    @Murph1908: If it’s good enough for Steve, it’s good enough for me.

  45. foghat81 says:

    come on now. I’m in downtown Cleveland as I type this. I just went out for lunch [today is chipotle friday!] and it’s NOT hot out there. 82 is cake. yah, it’s a little humid, but you’re the @ssholes standing in line!

    friggin whiny apple fanboys making us look bad!!

  46. People waiting in line for the iPhone in Cleveland = The iPhone is not cool anymore.

  47. timsgm1418 says:

    @y2julio: good one…..personally I don’t understand waiting in line to be the first to get anything, especially a phone, I like to wait until the bugs are worked out and buy much later

  48. I’m about twenty minutes from there right now, and as long as you don’t wear long sleeves or a drink a huge hot coffee, you’d be pretty comfortable.

    Oh, wait…

  49. sean77 says:

    @EyeHeartPie: here in Tucson, it’s currently 82 degrees and raining.

    It’s actually quite nice.

  50. Are we supposed to be feeling sorry for the sheeple?


    Okay, good.

  51. jjason82 says:

    They have to wait outside in 82 degree weather and we’re complaining about it? What kind of wuss place is this turning into? Its currently a HUNDRED degrees outside where I live. Bring a parasol and water? Please.

  52. Gev says:

    @muledoggie: I was wondering if it was some kind of stock photo of people waiting in line too.

    On the other hand, it does look like stereotypical Apple fanboy/girl attire and if you the longest time you spend outside is walking to or from your car and the rest is spent indoors, wearing a sweatshirt probably isn’t that uncomfortably warm.

  53. Pipes says:

    @crabbyman6: Have you ever actually been to Cleveland? (Probably not…you shouldn’t, anyhow). I just moved to this place, and there is two truths I have quickly found out about the weather:

    1) It’s cold here. And raining. ALL THE TIME. It’s July and it will regularly be in the 50s. So Clevelanders are unused to the heat.

    2) 82 degrees is the hottest 82 degrees in the entire world here. I live 1 mile from Lake Erie, so oh the humidity. I’m in Phoenix a lot for my boyfriend, and 115 in Phoenix feels so much better than 82 degrees with 90% humidity in Cleveland.

  54. sean77 says:

    @Pipes: perhaps you missed the part where I said it was RAINING. 100% humidity. 84 degrees now and raining.

  55. tmed says:


    It hasn’t been in the 50’s here since June 19.

    It has been a rainy, rainy year. A little rain every day. It’s better than the alternative. Without the humidity holds through the night and so does the temp.

    Wait till August.

  56. Ray308win says:

    It’s probably that they were worried about some kind of either Police stopping by and ticketing people for “Stopping the flow of Traffic” (An excuse officers give during large protests to keep them off sidewalks so pedestrian traffic isn’t slowed by the protesters taking up the sidewalks) or if it was in a certain placement, it could have been seen as a violation of fire code, and they were just protecting themselves from a fine by the city Fire Marshall or something.

  57. madog says:

    My friend currently waiting in line at an Apple store in L.A. [probably at the Grove] said employees were handing out bottled water and ice cream to people. Now that’s how you keep a customer.

  58. madog says:

    Not just sweatshirts, but delicious, refreshing, warm coffee too! No wonder that lady looks like she could rip an elephant in half, hulk-style.

  59. Parapraxis says:

    doughnuts and glaceau at mine in irvine.

    didn’t get my iphone, though… customer service NIGHTMARE.

  60. rochec says:

    I just waited in line in Dallas for 4 hours. 102 and not a could in the sky.

    I would have bought someone an iPhone to be in Cleveland for it.

  61. quagmire0 says:

    Hey, the Dude abides!

  62. tulanejosh says:


    Couldn’t agree more rohec! Similar situation in Austin 100s, no shade, but at least the stores in the area started giving out free stuff to be good neighbors – water, starbucks, sweet leaf tea, red bull… But 82? ahahah…. Its 100 degrees in the shade… I’d pay for a spot in cleveland… 82… lol.

  63. bryanarr says:

    nobody is forcing anyone to stay to buy something.

  64. Matthew says:

    No sympathy

  65. @Secret Agent Man: i’d move to St Petersburg, Florida

  66. mr mike says:

    Not surprised, this is the snootiest shopping center in Cleveland.

  67. mr mike says:


    Um no, there’s a verizon and a sprint @ Legacy Village



    Closest AT&T is 2.79 miles

    And to the people who can’t stand in beautiful 82 degree sunshine, I wish it had rained on you all.

  68. Soldier_CLE says that Hideo Kojima has to make MGS till the day he dies! says:

    @Franklin Comes Alive!: Umm… Cleveland’s Flats has been all but dead since 2000. And NO, THE WAREHOUSE DISTRICT WILL NEVER BE THE FLATS!!! (Sorry… I just find it funny when people mistaken that yuppie POS to what Cleveland used to have prior to the Fatcat Jimmy Dimora/Queen Jane Campbell/Crackhead Frank Jackson days. I still find them to be the political cancers to Cleveland.

    @mikel1981: I don’t find Legacy Village to be THE snootiest of the shopping centers of the Greater Cleveland area. (It is up there though, for a midwestern shopping center.) Sure, they are certainly the girliest of them, but their Willo Rent-a-cops (And prior to that, Tenable Rent-a-cops) sure make sure that the place were anything but posh.

    Arguably Crocker Park (nicknamed “Cracker Park”, by the locals) is more posh, though smaller, and Beachwood Place, which is across the street from Legacy Village, is more exclusive to the area. Steve’s Electric Fruit Stand does not make Legacy Village any more exclusive.

    @Ray308win: The funny thing about the rent-a-cop instructions is that the sidewalks a enlarged in the Legacy Village area, and that the Lyndhurst/Beachwood PD doesn’t typically mind the overflow of pedestrians that occur in this particular shopping center (In fact, I’ll go on a limb to say that sometimes, it seems encouraged.) It wouldn’t have been a mobscene, since the line was arguably nothing like the 5th street ave (NYC) line. Maybe the GTA4 or MGS4 lines, maybe? Perhaps the Dreamcast line back in 1999?

    There just wasnt a significant threat posed, except maybe someone spilling their latte or smoothie on another’s camp chair.

    And lastly, for those who never knew a Cleveland Summer: I’ll trade a 82 degree Cleveland Summer for a 105 degree San Antonio one. Cleveland is one of the most humid places I have been to by far!

  69. TVGenius says:

    Boo-hoo, it’s 117Ëš here in Arizona.