Don't Live Near A Big City? Here's Something You Should Know Before Upgrading Your iPhone

The new iPhone is 3G–but AT&T’s 3G network isn’t exactly “nationwide,” so you might want to check the coverage map to make sure that there’s a 3G network in your area.

For example, Des Moines, Iowa is big enough to have an Apple store — but there’s no 3G coverage yet. (If you’re wondering what 3G is, you can click here.) Without 3G coverage the new iPhone will use the more widespread EDGE network, and you won’t see an improvement in speed.

You can check out AT&T’s data coverage map by clicking here. Zoom in to see if there’s 3G coverage in your area. Silicon Alley Insider also has a good map that you can check out.

Where Apple’s New iPhone Doesn’t Help: AT&T’s 3G Dead Zones [Silicon Alley Insider]
AT&T Coverage Map [AT&T]

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