Debt Collector Sends Verizon Collection Notice To A Fluffy White Dog

You may think this dog is cute, but that’s bullshit. This dog is a deadbeat that doesn’t pay its Verizon bill.

Meet Andy Fanelli. He’s a Lhasa Apso who apparently doesn’t have enough personal responsibility to pay his debt to Verizon. Sure, Andy’s owners, Steve Fanell and Shawn Donovan, say that Andy has never been a Verizon customer, but should we believe them?

From KCRA:

“The point is that Andy has never had a Verizon account. We were just curious why this showed up,” Steve Fanelli said.

KCRA says the debt actually belongs to another Andy Fanelli who lives on the east coast. So how did the bill end up at the wrong Andy’s doorstep? Well, it’s probably because Andy has his very own American Express Card.

“It’s an active card. From time to time I take my girlfriends to lunch on Andy,” Donovan said. The dog’s debt has been canceled by Verizon, but it seems there are lots of complaints (to the Illinois Attorney General and posted online) about the debt collector, AFNI, trying to collect outdated or incorrect debts. AFNI says that it is diligent about debt verification.

$142 Collection Bill Sent To Couple’s Dog [KCRA](Thanks, Anna!)

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