Both Dell And AT&T Cash Checks Not Made Out To Them, Cause Much Sadness

It’s sure to be a pain in the butt if you accidentally switch two of your payments — but we’d always assumed that companies like AT&T and Dell wouldn’t cash checks that were not even made out to them. We we wrong!

Meet Dennis Hallet and his wife, Sandra. “In thirty years I’ve never crossed up bills. I managed to send Dell my AT&T check and I sent AT&T my Dell check,” Sandra told CBS 13.

Dell cashed the check made out to AT&T and applied the $235.00 toward Sandra’s balance. AT&T cashed the $1138.33 check made out to Dell and applied the entire thing to the Hallet’s phone bill. This left them with a credit of $903.33.

Meanwhile, interest was piling up on her Dell account. When she called AT&T to see about getting her money back, they told her it was her fault they cashed a check made out to another company and told her they’d give her money back in two months.

CBS13 called and got AT&T to apologize and refund part of the money in 7 days– with July’s bill deducted. When asked why they cashed a check made out to another company, AT&T had no answer, so if you’re mailing a couple bills at the same time — make sure you put the checks in the correct envelopes and save yourself a huge headache.

Call Kurtis: Check Switcharoo [CBS13]
(Photo: jetsetpress )

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