US Airways Dumps In-Flight Movies, Not Enough Passengers Buying $5 Headsets

Too many passengers were bringing their own headsets, so US Airways has discontinued in-flight movies. US Airways had been hoping to switch from their heavy 500lb movie system to lightweight fiber optic personal systems, but that plan has also been axed. New US Airways planes will be delivered with no entertainment system.

Sales of $5 headsets “has gone off a cliff” according to a US Airways spokesperson. “What was economical 18 months ago is not economical today,” he said. “The things we were looking at for tomorrow, in general, have had to be put on hold.”

US Airways has already discontinued free snacks, started charging $2 for beverages that were formerly complimentary, and added a $15 fee to check one bag and an additional $25 fee to check a second bag.

In-flight movies cut at US Airways [Charlotte Observer] (Thanks, Glenn!)
(Photo: Jenna Belle )

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