Top Posts Of The Week

Just Say ‘Yes’ To Telemarketers
“The secret, apparently, is to make every third or fourth yes mean something entirely new through the magic of inflection—but you’ll have to stay committed to it even when the telemarketer catches on…”

JPMorgan Chase Accidentally Breaks Into Your House And Steals Everything You Own
“After the Dickson’s bought the house back in May, the foreclosure proceedings against the previous owners were supposed to have been stopped. They weren’t.”

Wal-Mart Fails To Change Your Oil And Lies About It
“she replied, “Yep, I know it was, cause I did it myself.” He then went to go check the dipstick and discovered the oil hadn’t been changed after all.”

AT&T Turns That Whole Warrantless Wiretapping Thing Into A Hilarious Marketing Joke
“According to AT&T, Ms. Suspicious “has nothing to hide,” so she certainly won’t mind when AT&T and their traitorous telecom buddies trash the Constitution and violate her right to privacy!”

Car Stereo Company Tries To Install GPS, Causes $12,398.54 Damage To Your Car
“After a few unsuccessful attempts to get the car stereo installation shop to repair the damage they caused, Brandon took the car to some BMW experts and found out that the botched installation had caused over $10,000 in damage to his car.”

(Photo: Matt McGee)

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