New Spy Law Will Provide Immunity To Wiretapping Telcos

Update: Voted! Passed 293-129.
Today the House votes on a new compromise FISA Bill that will make the NSA’s formerly questionable activities—like spying on Americans—legal, and will grant conditional immunity upon the telephone companies that aided the NSA in spying on their customers. It’s “conditional” because there will still be a court review, but nobody seems to be taking the court review seriously: Senator Russ Feingold, D-WI, calls it a “capitulation” in the ongoing fight over holding the telcos responsible, and Rep. Roy Blunt, R-MO, says the review will be a “formality.” Looks like you’re about to get off free, Verizon and AT&T!

We’re curious what Senator Obama and Senator McCain have to say about this—particularly, whether Obama will vote speak out against it. Oh wait, he’s too busy campaigning to weigh in on important issues, right? Because that’s how career politicians work. (End of rant on politicos not doing their jobs.)

“Deal clears way for wiretap-law overhaul” [CNN]
New FISA Bill Would Grant Telcoms Immunity; Vote Is Tomorrow” [Slashdot]
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