The First Batch Of One-Year iPhone Warranties Are About To Expire, Or Why You Shouldn't Be An Early Adopter

Hey, Apple fanboys! Yeah, you, the ones who stood on line foaming at the mouth so you could be the first to buy those precious little pocket diamonds that didn’t sell out. Your limited one-year warranty expires tomorrow, so break your phone while you can. As for the rest of us, let’s look back at a year of the iPhone and remember the perils of being an early adopter…

iPhones were a rotten deal for early adopters.

Not only did they needlessly wait in line, but they had to compete with the mayors of Washington and Philadelphia.

Early adopters were Apple’s guinea pigs, discovering all sorts of annoying bugs, like hundred-page bills that chronicled every single photo viewed. Those who went abroad learned that international data roaming charges are really expensive.

How did Apple reward this zealous passion? By slashing the iPhone’s price by $200 less than three months after the phone’s release. Several angry early adopters didn’t appreciate the dunce early-adopter tax, and sued for price discrimination.

And now, a year later, their warranties are set to expire, which will lead to the inevitable first-generation kaboom of doom. For those who haven’t already, now is the time to extend your warranty by spending another $69 for AppleCare.

But really, who are we kidding? These are the same folks planning to line up for the newer, more expensive iPhone 3G. You kill us, early adopters!

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