AT&T Turns That Whole Warrantless Wiretapping Thing Into A Hilarious Marketing Joke

Meet Ms. Suspicious, a member of the “Online Liberation Movement.” According to AT&T, Ms. Suspicious “has nothing to hide,” so she certainly won’t mind when AT&T and their traitorous telecom buddies trash the Constitution and violate her right to privacy!

Maybe her friend, Mr. Moneybags, can shower Congress with cash and buy some of that tasty warrantless wiretapping immunity! Whoops, too real!

So who are the other members of the Online Liberation Movement, you ask? The ironically-named Ms. Proof and Ms. Forgetful, obviously.

Isn’t this so !@$% fun? It’s like we’re living in a book!

AT&T’s Latest Ad a Sick Joke [Reading For Dummies via Boing Boing]

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