$30 TV Dinner Features Porcelain Tray, Free Range Chicken

The New York Times City Room blog says that the Loews Regency Hotel is now serving a $30 TV dinner– complete with porcelain trays and pricey free range chicken.

“We are looking for comfort food items that we can turn upscale,” said Mr. Rubin [executive chef]. “These days comfort food is this hip, cool thing.”

So-called “comfort food” is cool these days, though we’re unsure about how comforting paying $30 for a “TV dinner” can possibly be.

“I got TV dinners when my parents was going out to dinner and the baby sitter was coming over. That was a treat for me: Oh, cool! I got the little cake thing. There were the vegetables I could ignore because my mom wasn’t around.”

Ok, to each his own, we suppose. TV dinners? Bleecch!

Is There Any Comfort in a $30 TV Dinner? [NYT via Buzzfeed]