Worst Company In America "Elite 8": Exxon VS Comcast

Here’s your first “Elite 8” match-up: #1 Comcast VS #9 Exxon. Only a few more rounds to go!

Here’s what a few of you said about these two companies:

“If Comcast does not win then the entire fun of this whole contest has been wiped out for me.”

“Comcast is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad company.”

“Comcast deserves not just worst company but most evil. Adding more “high def” just by compressing the channels to a signal that my non-technical sister can see is pixelated? “Shaping” bandwidth without notifying customers of that? Their “unlimited” plan that has limits; their faster plan that just lets you hit the limits sooner? None of that enough for you?

Then let me continue: Comcast in my area is the ONLY choice for internet other than dial-up. So I’m screwed.”

“Considering Comcast actually rigged a public hearing with paid schmo’s to prevent their opposition from being heard… COMCAST. Hands down.”

“Has anyone else here seen the look of sheer terror on the face of a Comcast employee when he is about to setup your internet and sees a Mac? It’s amazing.”


Exxon-Mobil should get the lifetime achievement award and be permanently dropped from future consideration. They are truly in a league by themselves. That is all.”

This is a post in our Worst Company In America 2008 series. The companies nominated for this honor were chosen by you, the readers. Keep track of all the goings on at consumerist.com/tag/worst-company-in-america.


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  1. magnus150 says:

    No comparison, the one that is screwing us out of cash the most – Exxon.

  2. mavrick67 says:

    Exxon is no worse than any other oil company, Comcast however is the ultimate in lousy customer service

  3. Hawk07 says:

    Wow, both companies sell products you can live without.

  4. highmodulus says:

    Comcast isn’t screwing the whole economy, environment and political system. Assuming the DSL/Dish zombies don’t hose the vote, Exxon should advance.

  5. EyeHeartPie says:

    “If Comcast does not win then the entire fun of this whole contest has been wiped out for me.”

    I can’t believe this is actually a reason to pick Comcast. It boils down to “If my choice doesn’t win, this contest sucks”. Talk about childish.

    That being said, I have no choice other than Comcast where I live, and it sucks. Die.

  6. rmz says:

    @Hawk07: Not if you buy anything that was ever transported by truck.

  7. Gopher bond says:

    @Hawk07: Yeah, but I’ve lived several years without cable television and internet in my home. I just used the library a lot. It wasn’t difficult. Oil on the other hand, is difficult to get away from. You can get away from it indirectly, biking, eating locally grown food, but shoot, plastics, and anything that has to get shipped to your area uses oil.

  8. skahead says:

    Where is the list of who made the Elite 8?

  9. harvey_birdman_attorney_at_law says:

    @Hawk07: Living without oil would be extremely difficult and expensive.

    Living without Comcast would be cheaper and a lot more satisfying.

    Go satellite if you must have premium channels, and DSL or sat. again for internet.

  10. ltlbbynthn says:

    Exxon is definitely worse. I can’t think of any ways Comcast has actively devalued the American dollar and engaged in speculating in its own product. Talk about insider trading! The oil companies are engaging in the same type of shit Enron did. They are sitting on thousands of acres of oil fields and not drilling because they want gas to be ridiculously high.

  11. SRSco says:

    @skahead: I, too, would like to know. Who made the Elite 8?

  12. quirkyrachel says:

    Oooh, tough. Exxon affects more people, but Comcast is a truly horrible company to deal with….

  13. rmz says:

    @ltlbbynthn: The US has less than 5% of the world’s total oil reserves, so that’s causing the worldwide price of crude to double/triple how, again, exactly?

  14. allstarecho says:

    Exxon – for wiping out, when it bought out Mobil, domestic partner benefits Mobil offered it’s employees. Exxon – for $4 a gallon gas while they have record profits and their CEO takes home millionsssssssss in “bonus” each year. Exxon – for mucking up the coastline of Alaska. Exxon – for wanting to muck up Alaska even more by lobbying for oil drilling there. Exxon period.

  15. wgrune says:

    As much as I dislike Comcast, Exxon has a much larger impact on everyone. You can cancel Comcast and not give them one red cent, but even if you walked or biked everywhere Exxon still has an impact on the price of goods you buy and our economy as a whole. Exxon FTW.

  16. MFfan310 says:

    As bad as ExxonMobil is, you have choices other than Exxon or Mobil for gas… such as Shell, BP/ARCO, Citgo, Valero, Hess, Marathon, local independent gas stations, etc. There is competition for your gas dollar (even though gas is so frickin’ outrageous in price).

    On the other hand, for millions, for your cable TV and/or high-speed Internet, it’s Comcast or… Comcast. In this case, either DSL isn’t available, and/or many apartment complexes have exclusive deals with Comcast that ban residents from putting up a dish or giving them access to other companies such as Verizon FiOS (I know, they’ve all been voided by the FCC, but they’re battling the feds in court to have them reinstated).

    Hence, my vote goes to Comcast.

  17. Skankingmike says:

    @MFfan310: local gas stations buy their gas from big oil companies. And Exxon Mobile is more than just gas, it’s an Oil drilling fiend!

    Their the largest Company in the world and their profits are more than most nations.

    They could easily buy America tomorrow.. or have they already……..

    How is a cable company on this list at all anyway. Who cares about cable if you don’t like the damn thing then don’t use them.. pretty simple.

    Exxon Mobile is easily the worst company in the world right next to HMO and Walmart.

  18. sogmasta says:

    Easier for me. I take public transporation. But basically everyone is gonna complain about Exxon and gas. Even when it was 2.50 a gallon here people complained. Not too much you can do. Even got some laws about price gouging stations that get hit with heavy fines if found out.

    But comcast? Comcast is just plain ol’ incompetent. Their customer service sounds like they hate life, hate their boss, and hate you even more. They lie to you, send out contractors who will screw you over. And the mess up thing about it is that , unlike gas, it’s not a neccessity. If people really REALLY wanted they could just go with a HD antenna and rent dvds all day or go without TV period. Comcast know this but they also know that Americans are fat lazy and are hypontized by the humming box.

  19. theblackdog says:

    Comcast…they’re my only option for any TV that I want beyond rabbit ears.

    At least I don’t have to go to an Exxon, Mobil, or Chevron (I believe they’re owned by Exxon now) station around here.

  20. greatgoogly says:

    Yup, Exxon hands down. Comcast sucks much, but there it’s no contest between a company that the worst they can do is gouge you out of money for TV & Internet (Comcast), and a company which is destroying the economy and the planet, and has a record of doing so for the better part of a century.

  21. Squeezer99 says:

    idiots, you want exxon to make money, i’m willing to bed your retirement accounts invest in exxon

  22. JennQPublic says:

    I know this is going to put me in a minority, but… I love Comcast! I’ve always gotten great service from them, they’ve always been prompt if there was a technical problem, and the CSRs and techs are always polite and friendly. The hatred towards them mystifies me.

    Yes, they’re ridiculously expensive, but you just have to know how to game the system. Sign up for a killer promotion. When it runs out in 6-12 months, call and cancel service, then have service set up with another name (not the same last name) on another killer promotion. I’ve been getting $20 internet at my apartment for a year, and my mom’s been getting digital cable, phone, internet, and a DVR box for $110 for over two years.


  23. wgrune says:


    It’s always classy to call people idiots. And, no, my retirement account doesn’t invest in Exxon.

  24. Nyses says:

    @Skankingmike: Actually Walmart is the largest company in the world, followed by Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, and BP.

    As much as I am annoyed by the Oil Company Ogilopily, 73% of the price of a gallon of gas comes from the cost of a barrel of oil, and only 27% results from Refining, Transport, taxes, marketing, and the “little corner station”

    This was a VERY difficult decision. I can only take solace in the fact that big oil will wither and die on it’s own, and even faster if we all embrace renewable energy.

    Comcast, on the other hand is used to being the only game in town and they still run thier company like, we owe them our business. They took advantage of economies of scale to mark up everyones service. I must vote for Comcast.

  25. aront says:

    Some people just don’t get it – the rising cost of oil is not Exxon’s fault.

    Voted for Comcast.

  26. wfpearson says:

    Comcast uses exclusive contracts with municipalities to force us into buying a inferior product at exorbitant rates.

    Exxon provides a valuable service by fueling the American economy, at market rates. And I have the choice of doing business with them, or any other oil company. I’ll remind everyone that the US government makes more off of a gallon of Exxon gas than Exxon does.

  27. @aront: Bullshit. The price of gas keeps going up, and Exxon’s profits keep going up. Record profits in 2007, but they have nothing to do with that?

  28. sleze69 says:

    @Hawk07: Our economy is built on oil. We can’t live without it (for now).

    @MFfan310: When a tanker full of oil leaves Saudia Arabia, the contents of its hold can be bought and sold several times over before it arrives in the US. By the time it reaches the pump, it could be pumped, transported, refined by anyone.

    That Valero gas you just pumped could have been shipped in the Exxon Valdez.

  29. frank.worth says:

    Comcast has an annoying effect on my life. Exxon has a poisonous effect on my grandchildren’s lives, and their grandchildren’s. Two hundred years from now nobody will know what a “Comcast” is.

    Exxon FTW.

  30. Lambasted says:

    This match-up doesn’t seem fair. Both screw me everyday. How does one choose the lesser of these two evils? I guess Comcast just screws me when I get home. But Exxon’s gas evils are so pervasive that it screws me every time I get into my car that’s filled with overpriced gas; every time I go to the store to buy overpriced food; every time I pay for overpriced shipping expenses; every time I think about buying an airline ticket that is too expensive so I don’t. On and on Exxon’s evil goes to mess with my life.

    Okay, maybe the choice is not so difficult after all. Comcast and companies like it may be evil, but Exxon is most certainly the Devil who pulls evil’s puppet strings.

  31. @wfpearson: “Exxon provides a valuable service by fueling the American economy, at market rates. And I have the choice of doing business with them, or any other oil company.”

    ORLY? Gasoline is a commodity. Think you can avoid buying Exxon gas by not stopping at Exxon stations? Guess what – you probably have Exxon gas in your car right now. It all comes from the same pipelines.

    Exxon wins this because they did indeed screw up the economy, our politics, and the environment, they get filthy rich doing it, and they simply do not give a shit. Not even a wet fart.

    What do you all think the war in Iraq is about? Restricting supply. Building a big-ass fence around the whole country and 10% of the world’s oil, and restricting supply. Now that oil is $140 a barrel, they’re about to go back in there and rape the country like they did before Saddam Hussein took charge and nationalized the oil industry. That’s what the war was about, people. You can conserve all you want, take the bus, ride your bike, whatever, but they’ll get your goddamned money anyway, only they only have to work 1/4 as hard to do it.

  32. Exxon-Mobil should not only be given the lifetime achievement award and permanently eliminated from further consideration in this contest, their corporate logo should be retired, and no further posting should be done with Exxon-Mobil as the subject. Why? Because nothing they might do can possibly have any shock value. We’ve already heard it all.

    The only thing left that I could think of would be for one of their executives to receive a REALLY huge retirement package, something in the ten-figure range, and run for President with that pile of money. How could you prove that Exxon didn’t just violate federal campaign finance regulations? You probably can’t, because it isn’t against the law to run for President with your own money.

  33. Sarge1985 says:

    @silencedotcom: Exxon, and the other oil companies, only make about 8 cents per gallon of gas. The US Government makes 18.4 cents/gallon. Who exactly is screwing us? The oil companies do not set the price for a barrel of crude, that price is set by the commadities market. Come on, you are supposed to be smart consumers. Quit your ranting and do some real research as to how our economy really works.

  34. Comcast, FTW!!!

  35. TheBigLewinski says:

    @Sarge1985: SO are you saying that Exxon only makes 8 cents per gallon, end-to-end (from the ground to the pump?) Me thinks not, they may make 8 cents at the pump and then they make another .xx cents refining and then another $XX for the oil pumped out of the ground.

    Oh yeah, what about all of the tax breaks the government gives the oil companies?

    None the less, the system is fucked-up because it is letting speculation drive the price even when there is adequate supply. I hope this thing crashes like the “Dutch Tulip Bulbs” or the Hunt Brothes cornering the silver market. I predict $2.00/gal within the next 14 months.

  36. TangDrinker says:

    Geeze, does Comcast have any Human rights cases filed against it at the Supreme court? [money.cnn.com]

  37. Trai_Dep says:

    Exxon stocks the White House with people, from Bush/Cheney on down, who initiate unneeded wars under false pretenses that triple the price of crude. Then they shrug and say, “Who knew?”
    Then plead poverty as they rake in hundreds of billions/yr in write-offs and incentives and tens of billions/yr in subsidies. Yup: hard-working middle-class Americans being shafted so environmentally-hostile plutocrats’ great-great-grandkids can aspire to be the next Paris Hilton. That sounds like something that will make America great.

  38. robocop is bleeding says:

    Inept (Comcast) vs Evil (Exxon)

  39. Trai_Dep says:

    @Sarge1985: “Exxon, and the other oil companies, only make about 8 cents per gallon of gas. The US Government makes 18.4 cents/gallon”
    Keep seeing this Big Oil factoid and it amuses.
    So, Exxon finds, drills, extracts, stores and transports the trillion dollars worth of oil per year that it’s involved in for free? Free?! Gosh, they need to publicize that more. They will win the Nobel Prize for sure!
    That’s not counting the wells they own or operate under long-term contracts. Because those I’m certain they hand out for free.

    No, I’m not saying they should lose money, but when the largest item in your Petroleum Industry supplied bullet list is “Crude Oil” and Exxon is intimately involved in that segment, you KNOW they’re generating a ton of revenue from it. So it’s naive or disingenuous to suggest they don’t.
    Don’t be a slave. :D

  40. Angryrider says:

    I DO NOT NEED CABLE OR INTERNET. So I have no reason to hate Comcast. It’s a bit of the customer’s fault for actually choosing them in the first place.
    Exxon, they are evil. Like everybody I depend on them every single day because they fuel everyone. Where do you think our food comes from? Sidewalk pavement? With gas prices going up and their profits going up, they are evil by making us poorer and poorer. A few months ago a bag of rice was $13, now it’s $21. And it’s mostly because of fuel.

  41. toddvm says:

    Exxon is screwing the whole economy, environment and political system. I agree.

  42. ShadowFalls says:

    I know Comcast is bad, but I don’t see how it got more votes than Exxon, one of the few companies responsible for the collapsing economy.

  43. JustaConsumer says:

    Come on people. $75 a month vs $75 a tank. Exxon is the worst company in the world.

  44. Parting says:

    @Trai_Dep: Exxon collides with other oil companies to keep pricing at a certain level. And I’m not mentioning all their sleazy practices, starting from employment to environment AND taxes evasion.

    If Exxon was in business honestly, the company wouldn’t made the top 8.

  45. dotyoureyes says:

    One company rips you off when you buy their product.

    The other company rips you off when you buy their product, and ANYTHING ELSE YOU BUY, even if you never drive a car.

    How in the world is Comcast ahead here?

  46. sporks says:

    How is Comcast winning? I don’t even HAVE Comcast in my area. Meanwhile, I as a car free individual still have seen negative effects of Exxon on myself and the economy. Not cool.

  47. nforcer says:

    Who the hell is voting for Comcast? Honestly? Exxon Mobil, along with other oil companies, are seeing record profits while we are seeing record highs. Does that not seem fishy to any of you?

    I don’t have a problem with my Comcast service. And even if I did, I could leave them for another provider in my area. However, I can’t stop paying for food, transportation, and everything else. And all the while, the price is going up because of fuel price.

    If Comcast wins this round then it proves to me that the collective IQ of America is that of a rock.

  48. consumerd says:

    I hope exxon gets this one. Mainly for what they tried to pull in court, and for the gas prices.

    They should win. If comcast wins I would be shocked. I was stunned when debeers and ticketmaster lost.

  49. Kanti_V2 says:

    Well it’s official, internet nerds have no sense of perspective.

    Ruining our economy through price fixing and withholding supply, rigging our political system, inhibiting new cleaner/cheaper technologies, promoting/creating wars that kill hundreds of thousands to procure resources, polluting our planet, disseminating lies and falsifying scientific reports to hide your products impact on the planet, and delaying our response to a problem that could also kill millions. That’s all okay.

    But high prices for high speed porn, and bad customer service?! Well that is just unacceptable!

    I’m so glad so few of you will breed.

  50. dohtem says:

    After dealing with Comcast on the phone this morning and with their online chat. I vote them.

    I am not getting all the channels I am paying for so I call them up. The phone guy says since this was an online promotion, I have to settle this online. He verifies I dont have all my channels but cannot help. I sign on and chat with ‘Richard’. He tells me a tech has to come out and if it is found to be a problem on my end, I gotta pay. Then he tries to sell me on some warranty plan for a monthly fee. If I get the warranty, then I don’t have to pay when techs come out. I decline and then miraculously (30 secs later) he says a tech doesn’t need to come out and it can be fixed on their end. I end the session without fixes. I still don’t have the channels I am paying for.

  51. dohtem says:

    Arrgh… but then putting them against Exxon is hard. I have seen first hand where Western oil companies drill in 3rd world countries and the shit they pull. Environmental laws they dare not break in the US, they completely disregard in other countries.

  52. trujunglist says:

    I’m surprised that Comcast is winning this one, especially considering the comments and STATE OF THE FUCKING ECONOMY. Exxon must be flooding the ‘tubes with shills…

  53. sleze69 says:

    @nforcer: I am for one. Exxon IS seeing record profits at about 10% of revenue. Don’t banks make like 15% profit?

    The problem isn’t that an oil company is making money in a capitalistic market. The problem is that market should be considered a utility like electric and telephone and as such should be regulated. Blame the government and not the companies.

    Comcast and their monopoly FTW.

  54. asten77 says:

    The problem is… if Comcast wins, they’ll celebrate.

    That said, they still get my vote for outpacing inflation by orders of magnitude, while being one of the only technologies that doesn’t get cheaper over time.

  55. HollerJoller says:


    Two front page stories about Comcast (one that’s not even true – [consumerist.com])

    Consumerist must have an office pool going and someone is trying to swing the votes.

    I cannot see why Exxon is not winning here, who screws us more here? Exxon with $404 Billion in profit this year or comcast Comcast with $24 billion….I don’t get it?!?


  56. Froggmann says:

    The problem with this line up is this:

    Exxon is at least honest about screwing us.

    Comcast will send you an ex con that will set your house on fire, after you found out your 13yo is knocked up and there’s a $20 missing from the dresser.

    It’s Comtastic- yea that slogan sucks too.

  57. Kanti_V2 says:

    @Froggmann: Um, how is Exxon being honest about screwing us? They lied before congress that they’re not screwing us, that it’s all increased demand, and low supply (which is why their pushing so hard for off-shore drilling, even though they already have 68 million acres of land leased, permitted, and ready to drill that they’re aren’t drilling, including finds that have already been drilled, but were just capped to drive down supply). How is that honest?

    Man, everyone pushing for Comcast, your complaints are so pathetically petty!

  58. Kanti_V2 says:

    @sleze69: And why would we blame the government and not the companies? Wasn’t it the industries lobbyists who wrote the legislation that keeps them from being a utility? Wasn’t it their lobbyists who wrote the oversight rules that allow them to engage in speculation over their own product? Wasn’t it the companies who installed their own surrogates into political office? And wasn’t it these surrogates who keep giving them our tax dollars, thereby making a joke of your ‘10%’ figure?

    Government is the victim here, along with the rest of us. We’re all victims in a free market. And it’s companies like Exxon that keep it from being a fair market, there by screwing us all. There’s no one to blame but them, their profits are the result of price fixing, not legitimate business practices.

  59. duffbeer703 says:


    You’re nuts. The government is complicit with its inane policy which led to the disaster that we find ourselves in today. Exxon isn’t price fixing — they mark things up by the same percentage that they did 10 years ago, when people like you weren’t bitching about it.

    Comcast defines the evil and contempt of the people that corporate america holds.

  60. Comcast is terrible, then again, the U.S. doesn’t go to war with other countries over cable.

  61. @Kanti_V2:

    How, exactly, can ExxonMobil be engaging in price fixing when their production and reserves of crude are only about 5% of world supply? When answering this, please note that the FTC has looked for evidence of price manipulation in oil and refined product markets many times, and has never found any evidence of it. Oil prices are set by world supply and demand. It’s a scarce resource, and demand is high– so, no surprise, prices are high.

    As far as sitting on leases and not producing from them– it takes many years for investment to come online, and when prices are uncertain, companies are unlikely to invest in bringing new, high-cost sources online, because they might end up bankrupt if they drill for oil that is only economical to extract at $80/barrel, only to have it come online when prices are $40/barrel. This has happened many, many times in the oil industry.

    I could go on for hours about why your comments are ignorant and wrongheaded, but I’ll leave it there (at least for now). Yeah, high gas prices suck, but there is an easy solution– drive less. If you think you can’t drive less given your current lifestyle, consider living and working somewhere where it’s possible to do so. The Chinese don’t seem to intend to use any less oil any time soon, so I strongly recommend that you figure out how to quit using so much oil.

    As a side note, is it at all funny that people would accuse an oil company that sells its product at market prices of price fixing, while ignoring the monopolist, Comcast?

  62. nforcer says:

    @DismalScience: “As a side note, is it at all funny that people would accuse an oil company that sells its product at market prices of price fixing, while ignoring the monopolist, Comcast?”

    The problem with your logic here is that while Comcast may have a monopoly on cable (in some areas, not all!), there are viable alternatives to Comcast’s services in ALL of those areas. There is no monopoly on the services that Comcast provides.

    There are no viable alternatives to gasoline for personal transportation. The market prices for oil are so warped in the companies’ favor that I simply can’t accept that the market has fallen this way naturally. There’s some foul play here, and I doubt that Exxon has nothing to do with it.

  63. m0unds says:

    kind of boggles my mind that people would vote for comcast over exxon.

  64. MonstrousCosmos says:

    ExxonMobil, a $400 plus billion dollar oil company with a shady human rights, environmental, and financial record, is LOSING to a $25 billion cable company with lousy customer service. I agree with others that this is pretty bizarre.

    Maybe the explanation for this outcome is that Comcast is the most immediately annoying to the consumer (waiting for crappy techs, service disruptions, local monopoly), whereas ExxonMobil’s crimes (massive oil spills, foreign oil concessions, alleged violation of human rights) don’t immediately impact the average U.S. consumer. People might be voting for the company that is the most personally irritating, rather than the one that has done the most harm in total. That might also explain the commenters whose opinion on Exxon is limited to its impact on the economy and the related claim that since Exxon is not solely to blame for high gas prices in the U.S., it must not be too bad.

  65. TSIGOS says:

    Comcast is the worst. Ever try to cancel? I called for two weeks straight. 7am. 10am. 2pm. 5pm. 8pm. Doesn’t matter. “All of our customer service representatives are busy with other customers. Please try your call again later.” That’s it.

    Finally, I just let my subscription expire. They called me at work wanting me to make a payment over the phone. I told them that I wanted to cancel. They told me that they can’t do that over the phone.

    Then they sent a person to my house to get a check. I told them I had Uverse and was cancelling. The person took my STB.

    Later I get bill for the month of service that I didn’t use because I had U-verse. I pay it rather than fight it.

    Not over yet. 2 weeks later I get a bill for $475 for unreturned equipment. I called the number on the invoice and tell the CSR that their person took my STB. They said I needed to find a receipt otherwise they would turn it over to a collection agency unless I paid the $475. Luckily, I found the receipt that the guy left behind when he collected my STB. I call back and give them the receipt number and their employee’s ID number on the receipt. They tell me that they cannot verify this on the phone and that I would need to drive to their office and bring the receipt. I did and am finally told everything will be straightened out. Two weeks later, I get a “final notice” to pay $475. I AM SO FRUSTRATED! I am an attorney, and if I get turned into collections, I am going to sue them in court.

  66. planet2334 says:

    Exxon has more far-reaching evil, Comcast’s crap is limited to its customers, Exxon’s environmental disasters and also economic/financial disasters have much more far-reaching effects, way beyond only its customers.

    But initially I did think wow it’s such a great match-up, like a Vader vs. Darth-what’s-his-name match up :)

  67. mferrari says:

    Comcast, because of tons of bad experiances, and the topper the other day. A neighbor of mine had a comcast repair scheduled. The Comcast tech did something to get in an argument with the guy (who is one of the nicest neighbors I have ever had). And, after finishing with this, she went over to his car and KEYED IT all the way down the side. Luckily, a kid was outside and went to tell him well the tech was still working (yes, she did it before she was about to leave. Obviously not the brightest person.) He called the cops and I don’t know what happened after that.

  68. sleze69 says:

    @Kanti_V2:Elected officials vote on the legislation…not the companies. While they certainly can lobby to their hearts content, it is ultimately Congress who passes laws allowing investors to manipulate the cost of oil futures. Congress is elected to do things in the best interest of its voters and as such should be held accountable. Companies shouldn’t be penalized for selling oil at a 10% margin.

    @nforcer: Exxon is the only gas company in the US? Or perhaps you are indicting the entire oil industry and taking it out on Exxon?

  69. “Exxon-Mobil should get the lifetime achievement award and be permanently dropped from future consideration. They are truly in a league by themselves. That is all.”

    @nforcer: 33% of America is quite a bit…
    @sleze69: Might as well be the companies who practically wholly finance their campaigns. And when was the last time Congress was held accountable for anything?
    @MonstrousCosmos: Fuck ’em both as far as I’m concerned. My vote is essentially gonna be the equivalent of me closing my eyes and whichever my finger lands closest too.

  70. toddvm says:

    I think what the editors are saying is that Exxon wins the whole contest hands down. Now aside from that who is second?

  71. Cap'n Jack says:


  72. james says:


    Big Companies have no liability and Exxon is the absolute worst.

  73. LucyInTheSky says:

    granted, comcast is absolutely evil to the core, but nothing beats exxon. it should win the whole thing, hands down.