Angry U-Haul Manager Says You Stole A Truck

Now that it’s summer, many people are doing the moving thing. For some, this might mean renting a truck or trailer from U-Haul, like reader Ryan. He reserved a truck from U-Haul online well in advance of his move, but when he went in for pickup was told none were available. Ryan called corporate, who called the store and convinced the surly manager to give Ryan a truck. Three days after Ryan returned the truck, he got this voicemail from from U-Haul: “This is Alexandria U-Haul Rentals. Your rental truck was due three days ago and you haven’t returned it. If you don’t return our truck today I will call the police.” See how Ryan handled the situation, inside.

Today I read yet another despicable story about the ineptitude of U-Haul and its local representatives. I had a similar experience during my last move.

Like many others, I chose to use a rented truck and perform the move myself. I made an online reservation about 3 weeks in advance, and surprisingly was scheduled for a truck pickup at a store more than 20 miles away (even though there are at least 3 U-Haul reservation centers within 5 miles of my old home). This was annoying right off the bat since I was obviously going to be paying for this imposed mileage. I accepted the possibility that these other centers had no trucks available and decided to move forward.

On the day of the pickup, I arrived at the store with a printout of my reservation and stood in line at the counter. Upon being called forward and presenting my reservation, I was bluntly told that no trucks were available, reservation or no. I made it clear that this was unacceptable, but the “manager” to whom I was speaking simply waved me away and began helping the next customer.

I stepped out into the parking lot and called U-Haul corporate to get this resolved. I spoke to a very helpful woman (whose name I unfortunately can’t recall) and explained the situation. She said that she would call the store and get me a truck.

About five minutes later, I received a call back and told that there was a truck available for me now. I walked back in and immediately received a stare of disdain from the manager with whom I dealt previously. It was obvious that he wasn’t too happy with the situation, but at this point I really couldn’t care less!

He slid the paperwork across the counter for me to complete, and began telling me how much of an inconvenience I was causing. “Corporate called me and is making me give you a one-way truck,” he said. My reservation was local; that is, picking up and returning to the same location. Apparently, he had a separate inventory of trucks intended for renters who pickup up in one location and return to another, and the corporate response to my complaint was to require him to rent me one of those trucks for my local use. What’s the big deal?

So, fast-forward to the day after my move is completed. I drove the truck to the rental center, pulled into the parking lot, and stepped out. I walked into the office, but no employees were inside. Walking back out, I saw — sadly — the same manager from before, standing outside. I call over to him that I am returning a truck, and his response is, “Just leave the keys in the drop box and leave the truck where it is.” Sounds good to me; I drop off the keys wrapped in a copy of my contract, and I head home.

Three days later, I’m at work. During my lunch break, I decide to check my home voicemail and am surprised to hear an angry message from U-Haul: “This is Alexandria U-Haul Rentals. Your rental truck was due three days ago and you haven’t returned it. If you don’t return our truck today I will call the police.” *click*

Imagine my surprise.

I immediately start by calling the rental center and explaining exactly what happened. The gentleman on the other end explains that the manager (humph) personally walked the entire lot and my truck was not there. I explain that the manager personally saw me there on the day of my return and instructed me to place the keys in the dropbox. I am told that there is nothing he can do, and he hangs up.

I then placed a call to U-Haul corporate again, and get escalated to corporate security. I explain the situation again, and the agent I’m working with agrees to call and speak to the store, and get back to me. Remarkably, I receive a call from him about 20 minutes later… but nothing has been resolved. I tell the agent that although I didn’t know the name of the manager I saw that day, I could describe him. “6 feet tall, brownish-blond hair, shoulder-length. Very slight build, and a smoker.” The response: “Huh. Sounds like Tom, the assistant manager. Let me call the store again, and I’ll get back to you.”

Less than 10 minutes later, the agent calls back again. “I spoke with Tom. He walked the lot again and found your truck. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

What a surprise. Suffice it to say that U-Haul won’t be getting any of my business in the future.

It’s a good day when reader complaints can be resolved without police involvement. U-Haul recently settled a class action suit over their broken reservation system, so honoring his original reservation saved them $50. Unfortunately, the manager’s malice or incompetence cost them more in the long run. If you get stuck with a U-Haul problem and the normal channels aren’t working, don’t forget CEO Joe Shoen gave out his number on Inside Edition, and says he wants to help.



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  1. Propaniac says:

    WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL USING U-HAUL. I SERIOUSLY DON’T GET IT. Best Buy, Wal-Mart, all those other companies that show up here, I can understand, because you’re playing the odds that something won’t happen to you and if it does, it probably won’t be that big a hassle. But the ratio of people who rent from U-Haul and find themselves screwed over seems to be way, way higher, and unlike stopping at Best Buy for a DVD or something, patronizing U-Haul seems very likely to, at a minimum, waste hours of your time on a day already destined to be among the most stressful of your life. How can they ALWAYS be out of trucks when nobody ever seems to actually get the one they “reserved”? No wonder the people working there are always so rude; I’d feel pretty damn secure in my job, too, if I knew the masses would keep picking me over Ryder and Penske no matter what I did.

  2. Southern says:

    While the actions of that particular store were deplorable, they do seem to be caused by one person — that one store manager at that particular location. Corporate actually seemed to be interesting in helping resolve the situation. One bad apple though, etc., etc. :)

  3. apotheosis says:

    Remember, kids, vandalizing a rental vehicle (or a whole parking lot full of them) is never, ever legal.

    Which is different from being justifiable.

  4. freshyill says:

    OK, so corporate goes out of their way to help him out when the problem was one asshole at the local office, and he won’t give them his business ever again? That makes no sense.

    It’s obvious that this Tom guy is the problem in this case. It seems like he got very good customer service from corporate. I’d think that’s worthy of giving them another shot.

  5. Poster99 says:


    We rented a Budget truck for our last move, and the process was painless. We put in the reservation online, went to the rental center to pick it up, they pulled the truck out for us and handed us the keys. Even told us about a few low bridges in the area in case we didn’t know. Sure they tried to sell us moving boxes, tape, packing blankets, etc. but not in a pushy way.

    In the end we got the truck we needed, clean and full of gas, and the drop off was simple; just park the truck, drop off the keys, and the next day I had a final confirmation/invoice in my email.

  6. AaronZ says:

    I would have said “Go ahead and call the police, they’ll find the ‘stolen’ truck in your lot, right where I left it.”

    Then again, I’m kind of a smartass that way.

  7. theblackdog says:

    @Propaniac: Not everyone has the luxury of living in a place where they can choose between U-haul, Budget, or Penske trucks for their move. At my college town, there was only U-haul, period.

    I believe the saying goes “Beggars can’t be choosers.”

  8. HalOfBorg says:

    @AaronZ: And if someone ELSE had stolen since he returned it?

    His 1st mistake was not getting a receipt that he could show to the securitygua…errrr…police.

    At least corporate seemed to be reasonably on the ball.

  9. freshyill says:

    @HalOfBorg: He was following the instructions they give you for returning after hours. I rented a trailer a few weeks ago, and I had to return it late at night.

    I was uneasy about it too, particularly because it says to drop the keys and rental agreement in the drop box, but since trailers don’t have keys, all I could drop was the papers. Also, anybody with a hitch could back up and drive off with the trailer.

    Oh, and trying to back up with a trailer attached to a vehicle is insane. We did the best we could getting it in thie lot, and then push/pulled it the rest of the way.

  10. Balisong says:

    @freshyill: What about the fact that they had no trucks for a reservation? That’s not a manager problem.

    And, um, what Propaniac said. Stop using U-Haul, people!

  11. chauncy that billups says:

    I’ve had good and bad experiences with U-Haul. I really believe that the main problem is no corporate oversight of the satellite offices. Many of these are understaffed with undertrained employees. The other problem is that there are very few other options. I once moved and spent hours calling Ryder locations (to try to avoid Uhaul) only to find out they no longer had trucks for self moving (I don’t know how true that is). There were no Penske shops near me. And budget had no big trucks, only vans.

  12. Jon Mason says:

    I have had this same problem with Uhaul and Budget: Make an online reservation, make plans with buddies to help us move and then turn up on the morning to be told bluntly and with no apology: “We have no trucks, the online reservation doesn’t mean anything.” Upon calling corporate when Budget did this to me I was told: We can have a “specialist” find a truck within 50 miles and call you back within 3 hours… so helpful.

    It isn’t “one bad apple” – its corporate having one policy: “You can reserve trucks online.” and the local stores having another: “First come, first served.”

    Both times, Penske has had trucks available and been nothing but courteous and in future I will always use them… but whatever company you use – DONT reserve through the website, call the local store and speak to the manager personally.

  13. harvey_birdman_attorney_at_law says:

    I swear to Jeebus if some incompetent manager threatened to call the police on me for something like this I would not have let it go this quietly. I would have done everything in my power to destroy that little man.

  14. MattO says:

    i recently had to move some furniture roughly 250 miles, and used Penske, as they were the only ones who would allow me to rent being under 25. the process was INCREDIBLY easy, the truck was BRAND NEW – litterally had like 1700 miles on it, and was in pristine condition. it was incredibly comfortable, and not only that, was about 40% cheaper than u-haul. I will NEVER go back to u-haul – the last time i rented, they had to “upgrade” us to a bigger truck cause the one we had reserved was not available….i am telling you, Penske was GREAT

  15. Weirdsmobile says:

    I’ve used Penske for years for long-distance moves, and so far have had great experiences. They give you new trucks, little to no hassle, and their customer service is usually very helpful. They cost a little more, I think, but holy moley is it worth it.

    On the other side, I have never had a U-Haul experience that *wasn’t* like being dipped in boiling manure. I will never use U-Haul for anything ever.

  16. EricaKane says:

    Guy was asking for trouble by not getting something signed by these crooks. Especially after the guy knows they are out to get him because they made them look bad for corporate.

    I would have insisted on a receipt of the truck and not left the truck without said receipt…especially with these trucks they are beat to hell and you don’t want to be the one left holding the bag.

  17. evslin says:

    I got a dollar that says Tom is out on the street looking for a new job right now.

  18. unravel says:


    OK, so corporate goes out of their way to help him out when the problem was one asshole at the local office, and he won’t give them his business ever again? That makes no sense

    Corporate making a call and asking that a representative of their company provide a customer with what the customer -presumably- paid for in advance, and was told he would receive is most emphatically not going out of their way. It’s merely doing the right thing to do, and shows a level of responsibility. Same thing for the call about the ‘stolen’ truck.

    Regardless of how corporate responded in this case, his hassle was with their agents — who were obnoxious, incompetent, threatening, and rude. I don’t blame him for wanting to stay away from them, as long as people like the manager in question are the ‘face’ of the company.

  19. phelander says:

    @freshyill: You’ve never dealt with U-Haul have you? Don’t ever ever ever defend those f-ing bastards.

  20. Jubilance22 says:

    @masonreloaded: That doesn’t work either with U-Haul. I made a reservation in person and they still didn’t have any trucks the day of my move.

    I’m moving this fall and I’ve decided to just forego the hassle of moving myself and just call Two Men and a Truck.

  21. exkon says:

    @Propaniac: @phelander:

    Like Propanic was saying you’re “gambling” every time you’ve used these companies. I’ve used U-haul on numerous occasions, no issue. I’ve bought things from Wal-mart, Best Buy, Bank at BofA. No problems at ALL for my years as a consumer. No doubt there will a day when something bad happens. But does that justify them having bad customer service after one experience?

    As you know the stories of good customer service vs bad customer service on the consumerist is HIGHLY disproportional. I mean constant stories of bad customer service at all these stores is bound to make the average consumer just hate them all.

  22. Ein2015 says:


  23. cosby says:


    Yea I have to agree with this. Corporate didn’t go out of the way but they did handle the situtation in a good manner from what the poster said. Local store gives him crap 2 times and they got it fixed both times. I wouldn’t use that store again and would be following up with written complaints to various organizations as well as uhall but would use them again via another location.

  24. jlmatthe says:

    I used to be an Assistant Manager at U-Haul (*ducks head*)…

    All the horror stories are true, however few and far between they may be. The biggest problem is the top-down organization of the company. Corporate acts like they care for customers to keep a good image but will crap all over their dealers/centers.

    When you make an online reservation the ‘Traffic’ system which is just people sitting at computers looking at truck inventory/reservations will find a center or dealer the DAY BEFORE your reservation with an available truck. At this point they will call the customer telling them where they can pick up their truck. The actual location does not receive notice aside from a message on a webpage that runs the reservations that says something like, “You have unconfirmed reservations”. So if the person getting called every two minutes by a customer asking to rent a truck doesn’t catch that while putting in reservation after reservation, the “unconfirmed reservation” is overlooked.

    The worst part of all of this is that there is no built-in system that notifies the computer operator that “OOps! You’ve scheduled too many reservations!”. You can schedule 50 reservations for a saturday at 8:00 am and only have 20 trucks. The computer system is so lackluster and pathetic that it doesn’t even care.

    U-Haul is awful. Management is slime. Avoid it at all costs.

  25. jlmatthe says:

    While it’s true that not all UHaul locations are as seedy as the one in this article, and more often than not rentals go successfully.

    But when they do go bad, they go bad in a big way. From my experiences working at UHaul I will never trust that company with any portion of my future moves aside from buying boxes or moving tape or something of that nature.

  26. dialing_wand says:

    But why are people so angry and unhelpful? I honestly don’t understand, although on the other hand, when one does receive, helpful courteous service it is that much sweeter.

    Nice people are, well, nice to deal with.

  27. chrisjames says:

    @freshyill: Consider it incentive for corporate to be proactive about their shitty local dealers, instead of sitting in the ivory tower waiting for complaints–and there are a lot of complaints.

  28. ucaledek says:

    I’ve given up on U-Haul. Recently, I reserved a truck from them online because near my parents’ place, there’s a U-Haul location with tons of trucks. I had to pick up my truck instead at a place 40 miles away and drive it through downtown rush hour. And of course they didn’t have the dolly I reserved, so moving some of the large pieces of furniture (read: piano) was out of the question. So now I’ve gotta rush through the move since I lost 2 hours+ on the truck pickup, fork out a couple hundred bucks for movers with the right equipment. At least nobody would answer my calls at the local places when I’m desperate to get a dolly. When I got to my destination, mercifully they didn’t charge me the extra mileage I incurred and were pretty friendly.

    That said, corporate seems at least semi-competent and helpful. But the local staff tends towards the useless.

  29. Jbball says:

    I’m moving within a month to my new house and I’m getting a Budget truck…..

  30. LJKelley says:

    Actually the best thing to do if you reserve online is to then follow up with a call to the local office and confirm your reservation. Then call again the day before pickup to make sure they do have your truck ready. I have done this twice and have never had problems in getting a truck from Budget.

  31. Reit says:

    Not all U-Haul managers are bad. I’ve occasionally had some issues with them (usually the reservation problem), but I’ve also gotten good service from them. Last time I needed a same location pick up/drop off, they were out of those trucks. Without me asking or raising a stink, they immediately gave me a one way truck (which tend to be nicer in my experience). No problems and no hassle. This was in a college town and right around when students were coming back to school, so I thought it was great service (this was several years ago).

  32. DraconWolfX says:

    Last summer I rented a U-Haul for my move. They gave me a truck that literally had no brakes. I was pretty happy about this considering I almost caused a huge accident just pulling out of the parking lot. The guy said “Oh sorry, I guess it happens. Thanks for letting us know.” Awesome.

  33. Mike8813 says:

    After reading the U-haul horror stories posted on Consumerist, I went with Penske for my cross-country move. The truck was in excellent condition, and the employees were friendly.

    I even booked Penske despite the fact that their nearest location relative to my destination was 3 and 1/2 hours away. It was STILL totally worth it. F’ U-haul.

  34. aka Cat says:

    @harvey_birdman_attorney_at_law: Next time a company tries to screw me over, I’m totally calling you. I enjoy seeing spineless little men getting destroyed. Especially by birdmen.

  35. mizmoose says:

    @MattO: Definitely Penske FTW.

  36. KRF says:

    I’ve never had a problem with U-Haul. I’ve moved twice in the past two years, and each time made my reservation online. The truck was available when I got there to pick it up.

    The second time, I had requested to pick up the truck at a location less than five miles from my apartment. They assigned me a location in Philadelphia, which would have added about 30 more miles to what I had originally anticipated needed. So I calmly picked up the phone and spoke to a representative at the Philadelphia location, who added an additional 30 free miles to the original contract to accomodate.

    It’s amazing what you get when you just ask nicely.

  37. blong81 says:

    When we rented a truck from U-Haul, the speedometer jumped from 0-100, or whatever the max was, back and forth back and forth the entire time the truck was moving. It also shifted so hard that when the truck was empty, it sounded like you just dropped the transmission out of it. Needless to say we beat the shit out of it and returned it. Never heard anything about it. I would imagine the truck didn’t last very much longer. This time we’re going with Ryder or Penske.

  38. Donathius says:

    I was moving in to a new apartment across town and we rented a U-Haul for the move (don’t have a lot of stuff, and it was raining, way better than getting everything I own soaking wet in the bed of my grandpa’s pickup). I noticed something that I found quite fascinating when we got the truck. First of all we stood in line inside the store for about 5 minutes before any employees came in – we were fourth in line, with another 3 or 4 people behind us, and there were no employees showing up. Eventually we got helped, got our truck rented. The employee giving us the keys pointed out that the truck has 5/8 of a tank of gas and that we have to return it with AT LEAST that much fuel…5/8?! Now THERE’S a scam! I only wish I’d thought of it first.

  39. sprocket79 says:

    What total jackasses. They should be embarrassed of themselves and be forced to apologize on their knees to Ryan. Frankly I think they should have credited him back at least half of what he paid for being complete and total moronic idiots.

  40. macdude22 says:

    U-haul is all we have in my area, and I die a little bit inside every time I have to use them.

    Last time I reserved a truck at a location, I mean I went into the place and said I need a truck in 3 weeks here. Thought we had it all settled up, I go in the day to get my truck. Yer truck is in Dubuque, a 40 minute drive away. I’m like why did I bother coming in here to reserve it at all.

  41. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    @freshyill: “Oh, and trying to back up with a trailer attached to a vehicle is insane. We did the best we could getting it in thie lot, and then push/pulled it the rest of the way.”

    If you can’t back it up or park it, don’t drive it. Backing up with a trailer is NOT insane; if I can back up a 53′ trailer with a Freightliner, I don’t see why you can’t back up a little U-haul trailer.

  42. quietcal says:

    I just had a bad experience with Uhaul and I wish I had read all of the stuff on them before on Consumerist.

    Even though I made my reservation ahead of time, and confirmed it with them the day before my move, the morning of, the guy at the local uhaul said he had no trucks for me, end of story. I called corporate, was on hold for a good hour in total, panicking all the while, and then their customer service rep said, yeah, there are no trucks available…in the entire Bay Area (I live in SF). When I asked what he could do for me, he said nothing. Wouldn’t let me speak to a supervisor, and told me that even if he gave my info to his supervisor I would not likely get a call back.I was pissed off and then remembered the $50 guarantee that they offer if they do not honor your reservation. It took a week or so of calling and checking in for them to ever put the $50 on to my card of course.

    The funny part was I got a call from the local uhaul place at the end of the day saying that they now had a truck for me.When I said I no longer needed it because I went and got a truck from another company, he told me that it was a $50 cancelation fee. Needless to say, I let him know how many ways what he was saying to me was flat-out wrong.

  43. aka Cat says:

    @aaron8301: actually, the shorter the distance between the hitch and the axle(s), the harder it is to back it up. That 53′ trailer is probably much more forgiving about turns than the 10′ trailers U-Haul rents — or the similarly short jet-ski trailer I used to wrestle with.

  44. mzs says:

    They rented me a more expensive broken truck once. This was because the manager assumed I was going to drop it off at another location. The other workers were trying to get me the fine truck. They did not want this piece of garbage truck anymore.

    The truck I got, when I made a left turn the right passenger door opened and the left front wheel wobbled. I tried tightening the lug nuts, they were fine so I had to just deal with the wobble, and a bungie cord solved the door issue.

  45. HeartBurnKid says:

    Man, compared to this, my recent U-Haul experience is rather tame. But I’ll mention it anyway:

    My brother and I moved my mom to a new apartment about 40 miles away about 2 saturdays ago. We got a U-Haul one-way rental for about $100, because a local would probably have eaten her alive for mileage going there and back anyway. We finish getting everything moved in about 3 PM, and go to return the truck to the place they gave us. It’s a storage yard out in the middle of nowhere, and we drive up to the office, which is apparently only open Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and even on those days only by appointment. No joke. There’s a big sign on the door, saying to park U-Hauls on the right and just drop the keys in the night drop box. I’m not feeling good about this (I read this site, after all), but we go with it, because it’s 100 degrees out and we’re all hot and sweaty and tired from moving stuff.

    So far all’s well and good, right? Well, U-Haul takes an extra $50 off my mom’s credit card, claiming we kept the truck for an extra day. She has to call them up and argue and argue with them about it, all the while eating up cell phone minutes because her home phone isn’t hooked up yet, but they finally agree to reverse the charge… and it takes a week and a half to show back up in her account. Beautiful.

    Yeah, not doing U-Haul again.

  46. phelander says:

    @DraconWolfX: Same thing happened to me. Hence my bitterness and clinging to hating U-Haul.

  47. Lucky225 says:

    Same thing happened to me. I tried to return the truck, and they were closed due to holidays. So I went the next day and they were still closed for some reason, so I left the truck there and put the keys in the mailbox with a note. Then they said I was 2 days late(counting the day I returned it and the next day when they noticed I left the truck there) I told them to piss off (as I used a prepaid card to reserve the truck anyways) The truck somehow got in my wife’s name — WITH *MY* DL # & Date of birth. Collections called and said they were gonna charge my wife with GTA or joyriding or some b.s. and said they were going to intentionally ruin my credit even after we explained what happened, so after all that I told them well you know what, you got the wrong dob & DL #, so good luck getting that on her credit with just a name and no address/dob/DL. Nothing else ever came of it =)

  48. muledoggie says:

    I’ve had many, many good to great experiences with uhaul, including renting trucks, renting dollys, buying supplies, and renting storage space from them.

    It irks me to read so many comments that imply ALL uhaul’s suck. This is not the case.

  49. nsv says:

    @freshyill: Please have someone teach you how to drive with a trailer before you do it again. It’s not insane at all. It’s not easy if you don’t do it every day, and it does require awareness and concentration, but it’s really not all that difficult.

    But if you don’t know how it’s incredibly dangerous, and not just the backing up/parking part.

  50. nsv says:

    @Jbball: Nope, not the answer. I used Budget when I moved because I wasn’t going near U-Haul.

    They sent me 30 miles out of my way to pick up the first truck. It had a check engine light and they wouldn’t let me take it because they didn’t want to deal with switching trucks halfway through a 1300 mile trip. So they sent me to a second Budget location, 10 miles from my home.

    The second Budget truck had dead fuses, which I fixed, and several lights out, which they wouldn’t fix. They tried to intimidate me into taking that truck. The manager told me “Well, I’ve never HEARD of ANYONE getting a ticket for having lights out.” Me: “Well, I HAVE, and I’m not getting a mark on my CDL because you can’t be bothered to fix your truck.”

    The third one looked fine, and it was half loaded when it started to rain and the cargo area leaked badly in two places.

    The fourth one was extremely old, with no working air conditioning, but mechanically functional and legal to operate. I arrived three days late, and nearly started my new job late because of Budget.

    A very nice woman from corporate gave me her direct number, otherwise I’m sure I never would have gotten as far as I did.

  51. Farquar says:


    Wow.. we are all very proud of you. Really. Really Proud.

    Next time you are driving please let us know and we will come watch you. It will be mesmerizing. I may even swoon. Swoon I say.

  52. This is what I was afraid of happening last time I rented (Penske, not U-Haul) that is why I taped myself on camera getting out of the truck, walking to the box and dropping the keys in the box as well as photographing the the gas and mileage at the beginning and end of the rental.

  53. jrobie says:

    I never use these truck rental places just because of the prices. Unless you’re moving something really huge, just do a one-day rental of a big vehicle (van or SUV) from a regular car rental place.

  54. snoop-blog says:

    any idiot with a shed in his yard can start up a Uhaul, that is the reason good service is so hit or miss. In my town, I’ve rented U haul and had a great experience.

    @Propaniac: The flaw in your comment about stores you read on here and why do you shop there is you forget that Consumerist favors bad service stories, as opposed to the great experience stories. Even Consumerist admits it, they don’t try to hide that fact. So how do I know that for every bad story on here there wasn’t 15 stories about how wonderful the place was. Consumerist admits that out of those 16 example stories, the one bad one would be the one they’d use. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

    I’m here to say that for every story on here about how somebody got screwed, there are at least 10-15 stories from someone somewhere about how that same place went out of there way and bent over backwards for them.

  55. snoop-blog says:

    @snoop-blog: I love my sprint service I’ve had for 8 years! a manager at the store in my town completely wiped out a $350 bill because I calmly explained to her that even though it was MY FAULT, there’s no way I could afford that and that I was confused on the amount of minutes I used. She wiped the whole slate clean.

    So there a story about how I got excellent service from a well known peice of shit company according to this site.

  56. TechnoDestructo says:


    Last I checked, none of the other major companies existed anywhere in the state of Alaska. U-haul does. So some people don’t even have the option of driving an extra 100 miles out of their way to get a truck. (it’d be more like an extra 1500 miles)

    There’s one reason.

    And last time I drove a U-haul in AK, it was in winter, on fresh snow over ice, with bald summer tires. (And Oregon plates.)

    I got it stuck twice. I was doing alright overall, with it, until I lost control going down a hill and slid into a dumpster. Then U-haul tried to claim some damage on the truck that could not have been from that impact (too high on the fender for the dumpster to have hit, no blue paint on that part of the truck, while it had left paint all over the bumper where it hit) was from that accident, and charged the university (I was moving people from one dorm to another) 800 bucks for it. If I hadn’t had passengers (who backed up my story…that I tried everything to avoid that collision), they would have tried to stick me with it.

  57. barco says:

    Always rent from Penske.. and make a note, you can HAGGLE THEM DOWN. If there is no demand for trucks (e.g. mid-month in Feb) a 24′ that is $.49/mi can be had for $.20, or maybe even $.12. I’ve gotten $.10 a few times, but you have to rent from the commercial locations for this, which have better trucks with liftgates anyway. If you’re renting a local truck and have to drive over 500 miles, they’ll rent really cheap.

    One other thing to note, insurance does not cover glass. If you get a tiny rock chip in the windshield, they’ll make you pay the $450-550 for it. There is no way around it–they probably make some money off this.

    I learned about 10 years ago to never rent from uhaul.. however my brother rented a one-way about a month ago and I helped move. They actually screwed up and gave him a local truck for a one-way rental, and instead of the $330 it was supposed to cost, they had to just charge the min milage charge and the total was $159. They certainly don’t have their act together, but occasionally it works out favorably.

  58. M3wThr33 says:

    I had good luck with Budget.

  59. Bog says:

    The worst rental truck I’ve rented from was of all things U-Haul. I still shudder.

    The best for me ever was Ryder. – It even had a power lift instead of a ramp. (Mind you this was 10 years ago) but the local office sent someone to pick me up and take me to the rental back to the office to get the truck.