Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel's Email Address And Phone Number

Gregg “If you squint I look like Alec Baldwin” Steinhafel
fax: 612-696-6325

Denise May

Phone numbers for his direct reports, inside…

Bart Butzer, VP Stores: (612)-696-4968
Christopher Perrigo, VP Target India: (612)-761-0613
Doug Scovanner, EVP Finance & CFO: (612)-761-6610
Janet Shalk, EVP Target Tech Services: (612)-304-5155
Jodee Kolzak, EVP Human Resources: (612)-696-6111
John Griffith, EVP Property Dev: (612)-761-1487
Kathee Tesija, EVP Merchandising: (612)-696-6134
Michael Francis, EVP Marketing: (612)-696-2822
Mitch Stover, SVP Distribution: (612)-304-2787
Stacia Andersen, President TSS: (612)-696-2856
Tim Baer, EVP General Counsel: (612)-696-6648
Tory Risch, EVP Stores: (612)-696-2476

(You know what it takes to sell discount Isaac Mizrahi slipcovers to bored suburban housewives? It takes brass balls.)


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  1. ediebeale says:

    Maybe he can get me a discount on a GE trivection oven.

  2. They’re headquartered in Minneapolis?


  3. Caduceus says:

    @Ben Popken

    He does look like Alec Baldwin! I thought it was at first.

    Guess my contact lens prescription is expired. I need a refill.

  4. blue_duck says:

    I think that if you squint he looks more like Tom Bergeron, personally…

  5. blue_duck says:

    I personally think that if you squint he looks more like Tom Bergeron.

  6. blue_duck says:

    @blue_duck: Stupid freezing computer!

  7. EdnaLegume says:

    @blue_duck: yep. I have a secret crush on him too…. this guy will do. I love Target.

  8. startertan says:

    Man, he does look like Alec Baldwin…


  9. naosuke says:

    Because that’s Where Dayton’s (and therefore Dayton Hudson corp., which became Target Corp) was headquartered and that’s where the first Target store was located (well I believe is was in roseville)

  10. BScrivner says:

    What’s a “throw cover”? And knock off the “bored suburban housewives” slurs.

  11. ChuckECheese says:

    If you’re bored, maybe you could just call Gregg up and ask what he’s doing.

  12. CrazyRedd says:

    i’m glad i’m a contract employee!

  13. marike says:

    hahhaha I totally thought that was Alec Baldwin when scrolling down.

  14. dorastandpipe says:

    Target is moving corporate jobs to India!!!

  15. levelone says:

    I believe that all Target email addresses conform to the same standard as the two provided above ( So, if you know anyone’s name, you can email them. Personally, I think this is a stupid way to set up an email network, since every Team Lead and executive, from store level to corporate, is now vulnerable to executive email carpet bombs, spam bombs, hate mail, etc. What are they going to do? They’re now stuck with that email address for their entire career at Target unless they change their name.

  16. crosseyeddonkey says:

    @naosuke: Correct it is in Roseville Minnesota. All their headquarters are here from IT to call center. Just how they’ve always operated. It’s a Minnesota started company, why move elsewhere. Much like 3M, Cargil or General Mills.

  17. Retail_Slave says:

    Thanks now I can call and complain how my Target store sucks and how my boss doesn’t work with my scheduel and that the A.P. would rather watch me kicking empty boxes on tape than catch the people stealing MP3 players.

  18. Andrea Desumbila says:

    Target sucks! I went to buy a flat screen T.V. for my 89 yr old father and they tried to overcharge me by $200 and then they acted like THEY were doing ME a favor by selling it for their sale price of $549.99 and then overcharging me for the warranty. (BTW: Circuit City had it for the same sale price but they were closed) I got so fed up with the bad treatment (I waited for 1 hr on New Years Eve to even see if they had it in stock) and nasty smirks from the employees (Ricardo) that I told them to stick it where the sun don’t shine and void my sale. Then when I asked for the manager on duty, Cedric, at the Aventura store, to file a formal complaint he became hostile and said he was going to have me booted from the store, siding w/RIcardo. I am hopeful that the cameras got it all on tape to vindicate me and implicate those horrendous employees they have. I will NEVER EVER! EVER SET FOOT IN A TARGET FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! Please outsource them all to India. It will be a most definite improvement!

  19. Maman says:

    This must be the Great Great Great Grandmother of all Target nightmares, accompanied by the Great Aunt, whom I will introduce first. The Super Target near us in the Bronx is “off Broadway” in more than one way! The lone trip we made there in August 2008 was for college purchases, household and pet goods, plus food. We had been told that it was not open until midnight or 24-hours, befitting a true “super” store. Here’s the biggie. Not only did we have to change lines three times more than an hour before store closing, due to registers closing, but I had to rail “Enough!” to get us through check out. A sympathetic, overworked cashier who was supposed to be “off the clock” continued to complete sales for others and us. (My late father was right to leave merchandise at such a useless mercantile where it took more time to pay than shop. Trust me; I do the same often.) Because a few items rang up higher than the sale price, we then went to “Customer Service” so as not to tax the underpaid youth further. Besides, no manager was contactable to relieve or assist him or his peers. Then, at “Customer Service”, we had to repurchase the overcharged items, minus all change due, because they ran out of coins! Corraling a young manager near the exit included several employee interruptions. We promised to never go there again.

    Surprise! Here’s Grammaw! Our trusting Ivy League graduate thought it be safe to swim in the jaws of Target again, so she bought more items online for grad school. It turned out to be mostly used junk from their return centers,and not the new merchanise advertised online. For over five months we have been haggling with them to pick it up and refund the money. Some technologically challenged rube in the WVa (one of my beloved places on earth) ECR office claims she cannot see the photos we sent online from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and the original cell phone source. She expects us to spend more money to get B/W copies made and faxes sent before we can be “helped further”. The BBB in Minneapolis also got these first (months before), as did the ECR office there, and neither acknowledged receipt. Now, we await any feedback from the offices you provided, before complaining to the attorneys general and governor’s office in the maze of states connected to this shoddy merchandise. By the way, UPS and college officials agreed to on-site pick up the items before Halloween, as long as Target pays for this. Then, Target became “unable to open” the picture files!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I paid my credit card in full,so how did target reward me, they slashed my limit by 80%.I’ve never been late or overlimit and I have had a history of paying off my card. Target has stabbed me in the back for being a responsible consumer.Do I think Mr. Steinhafel deserves that $7.3 million bonus given in March, absolutely not. He has forgotten how target has become successful. If it weren,t for the consumer Target would be nothing. I will use the little bit of credit i have left to shop at Walmart

  21. Keeper says:

    Target Pharmacies in Scottsdale, AZ and Boulder, CO could not and refused to fill a valid legal prescription that keeps me alive. The Scottsdale Pharmacy assured my drugs would be delivered the next day (Tuesday), not delivered. Assured me again the next day (Wednesday), still not delivered. Called the Boulder Target Pharmacy (original pharmacy) who stated my drugs would be there for pick-up upon my return (Wednesday). Arrive Boulder Pharmacy Thursday night 15 minutes before closing and my prescription had not been filled, they refused to fill it because they had not requested the prescription back from the Scottsdale Pharmacy and could not call them. Talk to Boulder General Store Manager who refused to help, refused to provide names and phone numbers to help and openly lied about an array of events. Filled a complaint through Customer Relations which as off-shore and said there are no next steps. Call several Target Executives starting with the CEO just got voice mail except for SVP Distribution who transferred me to someone else’s voice mail.