Expedia's "New York From $58 A Night" Offer Is Bunk (Beds)

Expedia says they can get you room and board in NYC for $58 a night. Amy at NewYorkology looked into what such a low, low price actually gets you, and it’s not pretty: think hostels, co-ed group rooms, mice, bunk beds, and generally dirty environments. If you’re undaunted by college-lifestyle travel, Amy points out that there’s one cheap hostel listed that has some good reviews, but since we’re talking about ultra-budget hostels here, a good review actually includes the phrase, “best of all NO ROACHES!!!”

Amy points out that “the next cheapest ‘New York City’ hotels Expedia offers” are all in New Jersey, and all above $58/night.

Check out the full article for more reviews on the cheapest places you can stay in NYC.

“A few details about Expedia’s ‘$58/night in NYC’ ad” [NewYorkology]

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