Worst Company In America 2008 "Sweet 16": Exxon VS DeBeers

Here’s your second “Sweet 16” match-up: #9 Exxon VS #25 DeBeers.

Here’s what some of you had to say about these two companies:

“DeBeers is a racket. But they probably have the world’s most successful marketing campaign in convincing women that diamonds are valuable and equal Love.”

“No, really honey, here’s how this works. I give some crappy monopoly $10,000 and you get this little shiny glittery thing and that proves how much I love you. See, I prove my love for you by giving away all my hard earned cash. Why, you ask? Because the TV said I had to!!

“Well, I know that I nominated Exxon Mobile, as I’m sure many did, so here was my reason: Record high oil prices (and this was back when the record was $100/barrel), record high gas prices, record high profits. The price of gas and diesel is driving up the cost of consumer goods, most notably groceries, and causing our already strained economy to be even moreso. Plus, they got off pretty easy for the Valdez spill. And I’m surly.”

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