CVS In Pennsylvania Keeps Pharmacy Supplies At Toasty 93 Degrees

A CVS in Cressona, PA has had chronic air conditioning problems “for over a year and a half now” according to the employee our tipster spoke with. Now Frank wants to know whether or not it’s safe to store so much medicine in such intense heat. It certainly goes against the storage instructions for a lot of meds.

Frank writes,

The other day I went to pick up my prescriptions at my local CVS #1323 in Cressona Pa. The weather outside was about 97 and very humid. I looked forward to going inside in hopes of cooling down a little bit.

I got inside the mall which was nice and cool. When I got into CVS I was hit with nothing but heat. As I made my way back to the pharmacy I could swear it was getting hotter and hotter.

I got to the pharmacy counter and noticed all the employees had thier usual labcoat attire off and they were sweaty. I took a glance at the digital thermometer they had there and couldn’t believe my eyes. The thermometer said it was almost 93 in there!!! 93!!

That brought some questions to mind which I relayed to the pharmacy staff. How are all the medications stored back there still good after being kept in those kind of temps? How long exactly has the AC been broken and why hasn’t it been fixed yet?

I didn’t get many answers. The only thing I got was the following, “The AC has been broken for over a year and a half now. CVS is too cheap to buy an air conditioning system. It is like this every year and they don’t care!!” That was told to me by a sweaty employee, which brings another question to mind. How safe is it exactly to have human sweat dripping on the overheated medication they are dispensing?

After seeing that and losing about 10 lbs in the process from sweating, I asked to have my prescription transferred to another pharmacy. I hope this little bit of info comes in handy. I am sure others around my area would like to know how their meds are stored and what the people have to work in that are handling their meds.

We doubt the sweat is that dangerous, but it’s certainly gross to imagine a big fat salty drop of brow sweat falling into a pill bottle right as the cap’s being screwed on.

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