Personal Finance Roundup

8 Ways to Hit an Amusement Park on the Cheap [Smart Money] “Cheaper gate prices are a good start, but savvy consumers can cut admission costs even more. Here’s how.”

24 Hours, 24 Ways We Save Money [The Simple Dollar] “Around the clock, a little here and a little there, the savings add up and, before you know it, your debts are shrinking and your life seems far less complicated than it did before.”

Just a few more years [MarketWatch] “Working longer is one solution to the retirement income challenge. But that doesn’t mean working forever — just an extra three or four years or so, according to the authors of a new book on the subject.”

Managing your folks’ money: 5 steps [CNN Money] “Even if you think you’re well prepared to take over an aging parent’s finances you’d better read this guide.”

Attention Home Buyers: Lock in Your Rate [Wall Street Journal] “Rates have suddenly spiked in the past 10 days and there is a serious danger that this could get a lot worse.”


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  1. teapartys_over says:

    Mr. 24 Hours sure is a saver… but he forgot to mention that when he has sex with his wife he’s saving on prostitutes.

  2. DubbleB17 says:

    I believe he says this in a roundabout manner, good tips. I don’t think that everyone has the time and resources to do everything he does though.

  3. Bagels says:

    That’s it. I’m going to breast feed from now on

  4. Thunderpants says:

    I have questions, not the least of which are: Where does he live? And does his home-made wine involve a sock?

  5. AaronZ says:

    Being that I just went to 6 Flags last week, I was interested in the ‘8 ways to hit a park on the cheap.’

    Expect it’s really just 8 different ways to buy an admission ticket on the cheap (ie: 8 different coupons to look for). And nothing on saving money in the park. Not surprising, they’ve made a profession out of squeezing every dollar out of you.

    Still, it was fun to get away last week, though the Dark Knight coaster at 6 Flags Great Adventure was one of the biggest dissapointments EVER!. :p

  6. lapazlinda says:

    What an utterly craptastic article-I wasted 5 minutes of my own 24 hrs. reading it.

  7. @AaronZ: My favorite is when they make sure every inch of pavement is freshly-coated asphalt, extra black in order to create the hottest heat island they possibly can in order to keep you coming back over and over to the drink stands. Last time I was in a Six Flags park (a decade ago), my son was overcome by the heat (95F – probably 110F inside the park) the first five minutes he was there. Were there any drinking fountains there? Oh, silly me; drinking fountains are so 70s. We have $3 (probably $7 now) bottled water in this modern world.

  8. steveliv says:

    24 hours ->i want the 10 minutes i spent reading that article back! i’m a frugal guy, but even i think this guy is a cheapskate! is 18 cents a load worth the time and mess to make my own no. his day sounds boring and uncomfortable. i try to save money too, but running the a/c for a little bit, or watching tv is not going to break the bank! come on dude, live a little!

  9. UnicornMaster says:

    I’m all about coupons and solar power and programmable thermostats, but washing dirty diapers and making your own laundry detergent? Did you grow up in Colonial America? And yes, diapers in landfill are evil, but then I suppose toilet paper is too.

  10. @DeanOfAllTrades: I’m not sure about you, but I usually flush my toilet paper instead of sending it to the landfill. ;)