Los Angeles To Sue Time Warner Cable For Sucking

Today, the city of Los Angeles plans to give a little gift to Time Warner Cable—a lawsuit! From the LA Times:

The 25-page lawsuit, a copy of which was reviewed by The Times, claims the company violated its franchise agreement with the city by having subscribers spend hours on hold with customer service representatives and allowing excessive repair work delays.

“Hundreds of thousands of Los Angeles residents were ripped off,” Delgadillo said in a statement. “Time Warner must be held accountable for its promises.”

The lawsuit cites several examples of how Time Warner Cable mislead customers or failed to live up to agreements made when it became the main cable provider for Los Angeles two years ago, including:

  • their advertising gave a false impression that prices would remain the same
  • they failed to answer 90% of customer service calls within 30 seconds, which is a requriement of their franchise cable agreement
  • their technicians failed to show up on time or complete repairs promptly

The paper says Time Warner Cable could face “civil penalties of tens of millions of dollars.” We can’t wait to see what Time Warner Cable says about this.

“L.A. to sue Time Warner Cable over poor service” [Los Angeles Times]
(Photo: Getty)

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