Home Depot Helps With Tornado Damaged House, Just Because

Reader Jim wanted to share with us a pleasant experience he had with a crew of helpful Home Depot employees in Winsdor, Colorado which was recently hit with a tornado. Fortunately, Jim was ok but his house was not. While surveying the damage to his house, a truck filled with a crew of helpful HD employees arrived who volunteered to board up the broken windows on Jim’s house since he had no lumber or power tools. Jim’s letter, inside…


Lately Home Depot is getting a lot of bashing (and deservedly so) in the
Consumerist. However not all HD employees are bad. On May 22, 2008 a
tornado destroyed parts of Windsor Colorado where my fiance lives. We
were not allowed back to survey the damage until Saturday May 24th. On
that Saturday while my fiance and I are insepcting the damage, a truck
from Home Depot pulled up. A crew of HD employees led by John Kliminski
asked if they could help board up the windows. Since I was lacking in
plywood and power tools, I said yes. 30 minutes later the crew boarded
up the windows for me. I am truly grateful for their assistance.

Enclosed are two pictures of the HD crew

Sincerely ,

We wouldn’t be so jaded as to think that HD was doing this simply to drum up business in a community of houses in need of repair. (We’ll leave that to the commenters.) Nonetheless, it was a kind act and deserves a tip of the Consumerist fedora.

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